Is Infamous TeacherBae Too Sexy For School?



Patrice “Tricey” Brown is better known by her Twitter moniker “TeacherBae.”

The fourth grade teacher from Atlanta sparked a heated debate after posting photos of herself in the classroom wearing a form-fitting dress.


The photos quickly went viral as the Twittersphere debated whether the buxom beauty’s duds were going to make her students “hot for their teacher.”


Critics say the classroom is no place for sexy attire—going as far to insinuate she was trying to seduce students—and the only class she should be teaching is pole dancing.


Her supporters came to her defense, however, citing the hypocrisy of criticizing a woman with curves and sexualizing a black woman’s body.



Check out the similarities in these dresses. They both cover the chest completely and fall just above the knee. Is it the dress people have a problem with, or TeacherBae’s curves?


One woman came to Ms. Brown’s defense, saying she wore the same dress to church!


The internet is also at odds over whether Brown was asking for all the attention.

Although she never received any complaints while working, the backlash led the Atlantic Public School District to issue a statement saying Brown has been “given guidance” on her attire so it adheres to the APS Employee Dress Code.


Brown also removed the photos of herself in the classroom and changed her increasingly popular Instagram page to private. Supporters think the situation has been taken too far, and Brown didn’t ask for all the attention.

Some think she should have been given private advice on how to downplay her curves à la Michelle Obama.


Others didn’t see anything at all wrong with the photos and cited similar photos of curvy black women at work, saying their curves don’t affect their ability to do their jobs.


These photos were displayed with the hashtags #NurseBae, #OfficerBae and #ITBae.

A post from Everyday Feminism confirms what’s proper in the workplace is still dictated by the governing class in business—white men.

Read on to see why the response to a man mistaken as a New York teacher has a sexist double standard.



The reactions to Jamel Fenner in a classroom are markedly different than the reaction to Brown. The model/actor who was mistaken for a teacher goes by the Instagram handle “imwhygirlscheat.”


Women on Facebook swooned over the photos—posting heart-eyed emojis and begging him to let them return to school.

A few posts suggested he should wear something more formal, but none of them criticized him for being too sexy or flaunting his muscular body.

Ultimately, Brown didn’t get into trouble with her school district, but other women haven’t been so lucky. Remember Debrahlee Lorenzana?


Lorenzana was fired from her job at Citibank for being “too sexy.” She says she was told her beauty was “too distracting” for her male colleagues.

Lorenzana says many other women at Citibank showed more skin than she did, but the buxom banker was singled out because of her figure.


She was told she could not wear turtlenecks, pencil skirts or fitted suits. Also out of the question were three-inch heels. Despite her best efforts to adhere to the stringent dress code, Lorenzana was fired. Her bosses cited her work performance, but Lorenzana says it was because of her appearance.

Citibank went on record to say it did not enter into any kind of a settlement with Ms. Lorenzana or provide any payment to her. As for women in the workplace? The battle of the sexes wages on. Is it ever necessary to hide your shape?

Experts say no. So how do you slay in the workplace without looking “too sexy?”

  • Make sure your clothes fit. You don’t want anything too tight that will pull at zippers and buttons.
  • Know what your clothes are saying about you. A good rule of thumb is if you could wear it to the beach or the club, it’s best to choose another outfit.
  • Even non-sexy clothes can emphasize your curves in a negative way. Make sure you can move, sit and stand comfortably without having to readjust your outfit.

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