13 Revised Fitspo Quotes That’ll Make You LOL

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There are definitely some inspiring quotes out there, said by wise, legendary individuals. But when I see one of these fitspo images as I scroll through my newsfeed, it just rubs me the wrong way. Some cheesy, often ambiguous quote doesn’t motivate me to propel my ass to the gym. In fact, it has the exact opposite effect and can potentially make people feel bad about themselves. You think people are going to exercise when they feel bad about themselves? When my self-esteem has plummeted, I usually mope around and feel sorry for myself. Plus, it promotes inaccurate information. Which is why I took the liberty to tweak a few fitspo quotes.

Here Are 13 Revised Fitspo Quotes That’ll Make You LOL:

1. Oh, yeah. Let me just hot-wire my car.


2. I definitely can’t raise my arms above my head after a good shoulder day.


3. Because sweets are not the direct cause of weight gain, a calorie surplus is. Also, genes determine where you accumulate excess body fat the most.


4. Yeah, that guy who dropped a 50-pound weight on his foot was absolutely thrilled, I’m sure.


5. Because I sure as hell hope your brain figures out what you’re doing while lifting 100+ pounds directly above your head.


6. Seriously, EVERY TIME!


7. Sorry, burrito but I’m about to destroy you [with my mouth].

8. Ay, girl. What do you have against potato chips?


9. It’s a pretty close tie.


10. Why settle for coffee when coffee ice cream exists?


11. You’re human. Life gets hectic sometimes. 11

12. Lift some heavy weight on a full bladder, see what happens.


13. Chipotle here I come!


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