5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Fit Chicks Want Instead Of Flowers And Chocolate

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Yeah, flowers and chocolates are nice. But as a fit chick, we would definitely prefer any of these five things instead.

Here Are 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Fit Chicks Want Instead Of Flowers And Chocolate:

1. Supplements

because fit chicks can never have enough protein powder.downsized_0204091733

A bouquet of Quest Bars? Dreams really do come true…5e1977b94ee782db4447ba2b041f3230

2. Delicious, Protein-Packed Food, Obviously

You can never go wrong with pizza
oBacon roses > Red roses

A  big, juicy steak

Serve her breakfast in bed, preferably protein pancakes.

Sushi is always a winner!B9gxf1eIcAEXF5C

Chicken wings because GAINZ.837d308405ca83ccb22e2548991bfcc7.7664f4ac952de53106b1ee1b4910e319

3. A Massage

Preferably a massage from a professional to loosen up her sore muscles. A massage coming from you really won’t have the same effect…

4. Meal Prep Bag

So she can fuel her muscles on-the-go, stay organized, all while looking stylish.littleb_monday 3.2

5. A Monthly Fitness Subscription Box

Yeah, beauty subscription boxes are adorable. But did you know about fitness subscription boxes?


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