What Fit Women Really Desire in a Fit Partner


What do women want? It’s a question as old as time. More specifically, what does a stunning, fit babe want in her swolemate? The answers may surprise you.

Although there are some obvious physical traits the majority of women find attractive (height, fitness), they’re not as crucial as you may think to landing the girl of your dreams, and you definitely don’t need to look like the Hulk to catch her eye.

1. We want you to be the hunter


Yes, fit women are badasses. We’re not afraid of picking up heavy iron, grunting and sweating like one of the guys. We’ll throw back a beer on Sunday and won’t have to think twice about getting a “beer gut” because we have more testosterone and muscle than the average woman. But guess what? We still want to feel feminine! You Tarzan. Me Jane!

If you’re interested in her, put on your big boy pants and strike up a conversation. Ask her a question or compliment her on her form at the gym! If you have a chance, she’s definitely not going to think you’re a creep. So what do you have to lose?

2. We want to be respected


We realize the first thing you noticed about her probably wasn’t her eyes. But skip the cheesy pickup lines and avoid the eye rolls.

3. We want to feel desired


Yes, we know this contradicts the former point, but fit women are complicated, beautiful creatures. Once you’ve scored her number, a woman wants to know you’re not playing the field. A strong, sexy lady is not going to sit around and be played. Boy, bye!


So make sure she knows you think Beyoncé has got nothing on her, and there isn’t a woman within a 1,000-mile radius you would rather be with. If you don’t think she has the face that launched a thousand ships and a body that makes you weak in the knees, move on!

Women NEED to feel desired. They crave it. Even when you’re a year into the relationship, the sight of her dressed to the nines with a full face of makeup and a head of hair that has been meticulously washed, dried and tamed with a curling iron should make you stop dead in your tracks and say DAYUMN!


Yes we know you think we look better au naturale, BLAH BLAH BLAH! Fit women take extra pride in their appearance, so if you aren’t giving her the attention she desires, you better believe Mr. Steal Your Girl is gonna try.

So fellas, please, make her feel like the goddess she is. Compliments never get old. Also, “You look nice,” doesn’t constitute as a compliment. If her face doesn’t light up like the Northern Lights when you tell her she looks incredible, try harder.


4. We want to feel supported

So you’re an active guy, but maybe you’re not all about that 24/7 gym life, or maybe you’re bulking and can literally eat twice as much as her. Whatever the reason, don’t make her feel guilty for not wanting to splurge on pizza and beer with you more than maybe once per week.

She didn’t get this hot bod by being average, so don’t pressure her to drink and eat junk food like the average woman. There are plenty of other ways to spend time with each other.


5. A good massage

Confession: I once dated a guy because he gave a killer foot massage. I once dated a different guy because he gave an awesome back rub. Men have strong hands. Use it to your advantage. Working out can lead to killer muscle soreness. A shoulder rub or foot massage at the end of the day will earn you major brownie points.


Read on for five more tips for landing your dream girl.



6. Trust

Ever heard the saying, “Those who can’t trust can’t be trusted?” We’re looking at you man! If you can’t trust your super-hot girlfriend, you definitely shouldn’t be with her. It will only breed hostility and nobody likes to feel trapped. Want to know something about fit women? We’re dedicated as f*ck. Dedicated to the gym, dedicated to our diets and if we’re in love, dedicated to YOU.


News flash! Fit, beautiful women get a lot of attention. Don’t be the jealous boyfriend scrolling through her Instagram asking “Who’s @imwhygirlscheat and why is he liking your photo?” If she’s secure in your relationship, she will show you the same respect.

7. Romance


Don’t think you’re romantic? Let me count the ways thy could be! Being romantic is more about showing the other person you care than lighting 100 candles and buying a dozen roses. Any Joe Schmo can set up a candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day.

A romantic guy is capable of letting his Superwoman know he loves her 365 days per year, and it’s not about being over-the-top lovey-dovey! It’s about trying to be more selfless. She does the dishes every night? Tell her to take a relaxing bath while you clean up. Scrape the windows on her car in the winter. Give her your jacket even when she insisted on not bringing one. Did I mention a foot massage is very romantic?


8. Listen


It’s no secret men and women communicate differently. While a woman can gossip for hours to her coworker about their boss, guys would rather address the problem and move on. Moreover, women often vent about issues without actually wanting to do anything about the problem.


Translation? She might just be wanting you to show your support by agreeing with her. The problem? Men often like to play devil’s advocate. So next time she’s complaining about some jerk curling in the squat rack, try to show your support rather than try to think of an excuse to justify a gym-goer curling in the squat rack (hint: there isn’t one).

9. Communicate


We women can often be guilty of expecting men to read our minds. We might think it’s obvious we would love for you to watch the kids for an hour so we can go to the gym or how amazing it would be if you volunteered to fold the laundry, but we don’t always have the courage to ask.


Don’t be afraid to ask her if there’s anything you can do to help. On the other hand, if you’re really overwhelmed at work and could use a night out with your friends, speak up! Let her know what you’re thinking.


10. Be a better lover

You’ve followed points one through nine, and that sexy minx is hotter for you than you ever thought possible. How do you ensure she keeps coming back for more? A recent study showed 85 percent of men think they are sex gods.

A word to the wise for those in the minority—women don’t want to be rushed. For Pete’s sake S-L-O-W D-O-W-N. Women like foreplay—lots of it. Like way more than you do. Touch her, caress her and pay attention to the feedback like Mel Gibson from the scene in “What Women Want.” (If you haven’t seen the movie, Gibson has a freak accident that gives him the ability to read women’s minds).

When she’s bathing in the afterglow your Dad-bod is going to look better than Adonis.

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