How Working with a Trainer is Like Great Sex

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If you’ve ever worked with a trainer (or are a trainer yourself), you know there is a level of comfort that takes place. You’re sharing your hopes, your dreams…your body fat percentage. You sweat, cry, bleed in front of your trainer, and they just love you all the more for it. It’s a beautiful physical relationship. Sometimes, a really good physical relationship. A sexy one… You get the point.

Of Course, You’ll Be Sore Afterwards

Let’s just knock the one you all are thinking of first, you perverts. All of that deep squatting they make you do. All of that work during the hammer curls. All of that pulling of the hamstrings and glutes when you bend over for a straight legged deadlift. Trainers are tough, and rough.

They Push You Beyond Your Limit

And you’re happy they did. That exercise that you swore you’d never do, he talks you into doing it. And you’re body is happy and sending alarms of joy to your brain and you get so excited afterwards that you can’t even drink straight. And now you’re at home daydreaming about trying that exercise again. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your trainer you enjoyed it.

They Figure Out Just How You Need to be Spoken To

Sometimes you’re more motivated with a gentle voice. Sometimes its a yell. Either way, its your trainers job to figure it out to get to your sweet spot. The spot where you’re encouraged and pumped to have a great workout!


This is…this is self explanatory

The Only Time Its OK to be Called a Good Girl

Even feminists can agree, when you’re working your butt off and you accomplish something amazing, it isn’t the end of the world to hear someone cheering you on with a hearty “Good girl, nice work”. Maybe your trainer says it and you didn’t even realize you liked to be called that. Maybe, I don’t know, you want to hear it again. Spot Me Girl don’t judge.

They’re Encouraging

The sounds of a bedroom and a gym can sometimes be one in the same. Grunts, “Keep Going!”, heavy breathing, “Faster”. Trainers give the best possible encouragement right when you need to hear it. They help make your training amazing. They are amazing. They make you feel amazing. Amazing.

They Strive for Improvement

Every session with a trainer is about bettering the last session. They want you working harder, they want you sweating more, they want you barely able to leave but wearing a big smile when you do. They want to improve for you as well. Reading your body cues more and creating new ways of getting you where you need to go. We love #progress

You’ve Bonded Over Your Body

What starts as purely physical, slowly becomes a full relationship. Trainers become friends, they learn about our dog/friends/work issues. They care. I mean, not all care as deeply, but when you’re with your trainer, you’ll never be able to tell the difference. If they’re good enough that is.

After a Session, You Feel SEXY

You may be tired, sore, and a complete mess but you feel awesome! If they’ve done their job right, a trainer warmed you up, pushed you hard, gave you that amazing pump feeling, and left you feeling accomplished and attractive all at the same time. They do it to empower you and your success. They do it so you come back. They do it to keep you wanting more…more fitness that is.

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