4 Easy Tips To Lift More And Get Toned

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We all love to load the barbell with extra plates on the bench press, biceps curls, squats or whatever it be. But, at the end, we struggle to lift more – right?

lift more

Most of you who have been lifting for quite a while know how difficult it is to add even a small weight and execute the exercise with proper form and technique. However, we have some simple ‘hacks’ for you that will help you lift more instantly.

4 Easy Tips To Lift More And Get Toned

So, get ready to lift more and get strong with these simple and fast rules.

1. Irradiation

This is a unique technique and most of the people don’t know about it. Basically, irradiation is the process where one muscle is activated the tension is spread along with neural activity in the nearby areas. This makes you feel slightly stronger in those areas. Doing the same with other muscles can help you unlock your strength.

lift more

What you need to do is make a fist and squeeze as hard as you can. Next, squeeze your glutes and try again. You’ll feel a much tighter squeeze this time.

This is what we call irradiation. What you did here is activated one muscle and its nearby one and unlocked your maximum strength. Now, for every exercise squeeze your glutes as hard as can, tighten the core and crush your grip.

2. Post Activation Potentiation

This is what we called tricking the muscle so they become stronger naturally. It’s also known as PAP.

lift more

What we do here is, before lifting the actual weight, you have to quickly expose you muscles to a heavy and non-fatiguing weight just for a single set. For example, just before squatting 250lbs for 10 reps, try a heavier rep at around 90% of your 1-rep max. You can also use heavy kettlebell swings to fire your glutes and activate hip drive from the bottom.

This way, you’ll shock your body with a short yet an intense bout of exercise.

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3. Shave Your Warm Up

Now, this is something really interesting. Perhaps, you enter the gym, put the things in the locker and start the warm-up. Believe me, you are wasting a lot of energy doing that.

lift more

For example, if you were to do bench press of 225 lbs. for three sets of 8 reps, you’ll mostly do:

  • 135 lbs. x 10.
  • 155 lbs. x 8.
  • 185 lbs. x 6.
  • 205 lbs. x 4.
  • And Finally, 225 lbs. till they finally workout.

You see how much time you are taking to reach the actual weight?

Instead of adding 20 lbs. for every warm up. Use 45-50 lbs. additions. This will save you a lot of reps, time and unlock your strength. Your reps will be eight and total sets three.

4. Use Chalk

We ain’t doing the sumo wrestling but pulling of those deadlifts, pull-ups, rows can possibly exhaust your muscles, especially if the grip isn’t strong.

use chalk

So, it’s better not to lose your grip and slap the chalk on your hands and rub some of it on the bar. This helps to wick away the moisture and gives you a tighter grip and increases the friction by filling cracks on your hand and the bar.

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