Majiziya Bhanu Made History By Becoming First Female Bodybuilding Champion Wearing Hijab


Bodybuilding is always progressing and recently a 23-year-old has helped make it even a more of a multi-cultural sport. 

Majiziya Bhanu has proven that there really aren’t any limitations when you have the right mindset, by walking away as the Ms. Kerala champion without wearing a bikini or revealing any skin.

The fourth-year student of dentistry had always competed as a powerlifter, where revealing her figure has no affect on judging.

However, after seeing pictures of hijab-clad women competed in bodybuilding shows, Majiziya Bhanu decided to give it a go. And her determination paid off.

Speaking to the local media in India, Majiziya said:

“I did not intend to participate in this at all. I am a powerlifter and had never thought of participating in a body-building competition.

“One reason was that I was required to expose my body. So when I came across a Facebook post on the event, I was still sceptical.

“But when my fiancé sent me photos of Muslim women from other countries who participated in bodybuilding competitions wearing a hijab.

“That’s how I decided to participate; it was just an attempt, I did not expect to win the title!”


Second place in the Asian Powerlifting Championship

Although Majiziya had only recently been recognized by the media, she’s been very active within the powerlifting and bodybuilding communities over the past year.

In fact, as well as winning numerous state and national competitions, her best achievement as a powerlifter so far is winning the ‘StrongWoman competition of Kerala 2017’.

On her experience as a competitive powerlifter, Majiziya said:

“It’s just been a year since I stepped into powerlifting. Right from school, I was into athletics and was fascinated by boxing and weightlifting.

“I live in a village where not even men train in powerlifting. My parents are pillars of support. Once I finished school, they gave me the freedom to pursue anything I like as long as I find time to study.

“So I got in touch with my brother’s swimming instructor and asked him if there was anything interesting like boxing or weightlifting under the Sports Council anywhere in Kozhikode.

“From there, I was introduced to a boxing instructor, who recognized my capacity to go for something challenging and suggested that I try powerlifting. That’s how I began training under Jayadas sir.”

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