Did Mama June Just Get HOT?

This is honestly unbelievable

mama june

Mama June has gone from a staggering 460 lb mashed potato body to a tiny size 4. June Shannon aka “Mama June” is the mother in the famous and outrageous TV show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”.

When we caught wind about this, we just had to share it. Without further ado, let’s check out what she did to lose all of that weight.

What is “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?”

Honey Boo Boo is a reality TV show featuring a family that has a child named Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. It premiered on August 8, 2012, and (thankfully) ended on August 14, 2014.

The family started their rise to fame from another reality series called Toddlers and Tiaras. The show mostly is about the child Honey Boo Boo and Mama June.

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TLC pulled the series in October of 2014 when reports came out saying that Mama June had been romantically involved with a registered sex offender. While June and her older daughter denied those allegations, the fifth season of episodes remains unaired as a result.

Did Mama June Just Get Hot?

Mama June is famous for being one of the most disgusting humans to ever make reality TV history. But she is now back, and sexier than ever? Mama June must have been putting in work!

mama june

After a long, challenging weight loss journey, as well as undergoing a variety of procedures, Mama June has revealed her new bod to the world. Holy crap, this woman must have one damn good doctor.  Mama June has just released her new TV show and she is looking better than ever! Her transformation shows that it’s possible for nearly anybody to lose weight.

mama june

Check out the next page to see how she did it…

How did Mama June get so large and scary?

Apparently, Mama June would just eat spoonfuls of butter, so that really explains the chubby thing. Anyone who is okay with eating spoonfuls of something that others warn to use in moderation certainly doesn’t care about their health.

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Mama June claims “I was drinking three to four Code Reds a day.” That’s a whopping 200 grams of sugar from pop alone, daily. She claimed to never have had a salad and consistently ate chicken nuggets for 6 meals a day.

It was apparent that her bad habits were detrimental to her health, and those habits were being picked up by Honey Boo Boo.

How did she lose it?

She had an amazing personal trainer, the one, and only Kenya Crooks. He had her snacking on nothing but watermelon between meals “the cool thing about watermelon is that it’s basically 92 percent liquid,” he says:

It satisfies your sweet tooth, but you can also pee-pee that thing right out!

What now?

Mama June is once again a reality celebrity. She is the star of (another) terrible tv show “Mama June: From Not to Hot.” This show is terrible, so we suggest you never watch it.

Will Mama June continue her fitness journey and eventually walk as a Victoria’s Secret model? We doubt it. But props to her for losing over 300 lbs, 40 more and she may just have a modeling career after all.

Wrapping It Up

All the jokes aside, Mama June really has done a terrific job getting her health in order. We hope that she stays on her fitness journey and gets her daughter to follow suit.

We wish you all the best Mama June, keep motivating us!

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