Meet the Inspirational School Principle and Competitive Bodybuilder


Tamara Addis is a principle who spends her days impacting the future of young Americans in Dobson High School, Mesa, Arizona.

Her evenings though, are dedicated to a different sort of discipline and her own success. As a female competitive bodybuilder.

Tamara has become a source of inspiration for lots of the students in the school and has been speaking to some of them about the importance of proper nutrition and developing good habits.

Some of the students have opened up about just how inspiring their bodybuilding Principle is.

Junior football player Jalen Youvella said;

“I was already on a nutrition plan but after our principal told us her daily routine, waking up in the morning early to prepare her meals, it kind of just motivated me to do it myself,” Ahe said. “After a week, I hopped on the scale and 10 pounds were gone. I was like, ‘Wow!’ I was almost crying because I never lost this much weight.”

I can be a positive role model for students in health and fitness

As a person in charge of over 2,000 students you’d imagine things would get a bit stressful. And Tamara uses her gym sessions and hip hop music to deal with this stress.

It’s not just the students who are motivated to pick up healthier habits either though.  Staff have apparently started to adopt them too.

On the career pairing Tamara, now prepping to go into her third competition said;

“It’s a really different pairing, but I find the two actually complement each other. I can be a positive role model for students in health and fitness and also I can use that health and fitness to keep myself healthy,”

It’s so great to see a woman in a strong position using bodybuilding to keep both her colleges and the children in her care healthy.

We need more women like Tamara Adis.

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