A UK Gym Owner Has Entire Home Plumbed With Protein

woman drinking a protein shake in the gym
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Sometimes, girls, dreams do come true.

You ever just make so many gains you think you should probably just get protein on tap? Well that was the dream of one UK man and the gym gods must’ve been shining down on him, because it came true.

He’s had his kitchen tap plumbed to provide him with a delicious, protein packed treat every time he needs a drink.

For every glass of water the Gloucester man pours, a smart filtration system measures out a 30g portion of chocolate why protein. By just turning on his faucet, he’s got a protein boost in no time. Amazing.

Fitness apparel brand Oxcloth, asked gym fanatics across the UK to apply to become the proud owner of the first ever protein-plumbed kitchen.

The tap was such a hit, they say they’re going to be offer the service throughout the UK. Soon, thousands of others may be able to ‘tap’ into this awesome interior addition.

We all know protein is essential to building muscle. When you’ve been to the gym and smashed an incredible workout, drinking protein helps your fatigued body recover. Its essentially the building blocks of muscle repair.


tap fill up a glass with water

How does it work?

The whole system is pretty streamlined. No protein shaker disasters are involved. They’ve fitted a small filtration compartment which sits out of sight under the sink. When water flows through, this little system mixes the protein powder in and sends it out through the tap. Simple.

We’re all about it girls. We’re seeing glimpses of the future. Protein shake bars at your local gym, where incredible gains are literally on tap.


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