New ‘Cold Gym’ Could Help You Burn More Calories

the studio space in brrrn, the cold gym

A New York City gym keeps temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit in a bid to help you burn more calories during a workout.

Brrrn is a 3,000 square foot fitness studio right in the heart of Manhattan’s Flatiron District, and the owners Jimmy Martin and Johnny Adamic claim the lower temperatures are optimal for a killer workout.

The gym only offers three fitness classes. Hit, a high-impact strength class where the temperature is set to 45 degrees. Slide, which focusses in on core and sees lows of 55 degrees, and Flow, a yoga inspired session that peaks at 60 degrees.

For comparison lets look at your average temperatures. New York is usually around 52 degrees throughout November and, according to the people at Brrrn, most other fitness studios usually reach between 72 and 110 degrees.

We hear you girl, you’re thinking you get on just fine in your usual gym, why go as low as 45 degrees? Well, science says it could actually help you burn more calories.

Brrrn have a whole section to their website where you can explore the cold hard facts of working out at frosty temperatures and it all adds up.

Essentially, your body has to work harder to workout at colder temperatures, resulting in more calories burned for you. In an interview with Mens Health, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Naayda Swedan, MD, FAAPMR, says it’s all legit:

“It’s just as safe to exercise in a chilled studio as it is in a room temperature class. You can actually burn more calories working out in the cold because your body is not only exercising, but it’s also working to raise your core temperature, so it’s working harder. Research has shown that the heart and lungs both have to work harder in colder temperatures.”

Although we’re probably not going to head outside for a workout in the middle of winter, it seems like this thing could actually have legs girl. Could this be the start of a cold gym revolution? Who knows, watch this space.

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