GOT’s The Mountain Marries 5ft 2ins Girlfriend

GOT's the mountain holding his new wife Kelsey Henson
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Game of Thrones star Thor Björnsson, aka The Mountain has tied the knot with his girlfriend Kelsey Henson.

The actor and 2018 Worlds Strongest Man posted about the union on his Instagram this Saturday, giving fans a glimpse of the day with a black and white shot. In true strongman style, he was shown holding his five-foot two-inch bride in his arms.

Kelsey also turned to social media to express her excitement over the union, posting another black and white photo with the caption: “Looking forward to pulling this big guy around for the rest of my life.”

The two began dating back in 2017 after meeting in Canada. They met in a bar where Kelsey worked as a waitress. Clearly a fan, she asked him for a picture and from then on, romance developed quickly.

Thor, 29, and Kelsey travelled back to his native homeland, to tie the knot where they enjoyed an intimate ceremony with the backdrop of the rugged Icelandic landscape.

The happy couple look amazing together, and their height difference has captured a lot of attention. The six-foot nine-inch Mountain – full name Hafþór J Björnsson – towers over his new bride, who doesn’t quite reach his shoulder.

Unfortunately, Thor admits that because of their height difference, he’s experienced a lot of internet trolling. The online targeting has is often specifically related to his relationship with Kelsey.

Whilst talking to The Mirror, The Mountain said: “I don’t get people asking me to fight face-to-face, there are a lot of brave folk on the internet. No one has ever threatened me in real life but on Facebook and Twitter it’s all the time.”

Who’d be crazy enough to challenge this dude to a fight?!

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