New Zealand Gym Installs Selfie Room – Is It A Thing?

girl taking a selfie in the gym
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Ok girls, we love a good gym selfie just as much as the next fitness fiend, but is a dedicated selfie room really a thing?

A Christchurch gym in New Zealand seem to think so.

Anytime Fitness Hornby have dedicated a full room to gym selfies, painting the walls in their brand colours and making one wall a huge mirror. Even the lighting has been specifically designed to cast flattering shadows for a more defined look.

Members can now get a pump on and head to the selfie room for a few snaps of their progress.

In a recent Facebook post the gym said, they’ve installed selfie room to give members a private space to take progress pics. They say tracking developments through photos is super motivating and the selfie room will help to keep members focused on their results.

INTRODUCING… OUR NEW SELFIE ROOM!! 📸We have created Christchurch’s very 1st SELFIE ROOM for you! 💪🏼 (Yes, we know…

Posted by Anytime Fitness Hornby on Wednesday, 5 September 2018

They’ve also said that, while they want to encourage gym selfies, people taking them on the main floor can make others feel uncomfortable. This is how they plan to keep everyone happy.

Despite their good intentions, gym selfies are a bit of a hot topic. Many are concerned they put too much focus on body image, that they encourage over-sharing on social media and some people just don’t like posers clogging up the weights room.

Is a selfie room a good idea?

Initially our alarm bells were ringing a little and we thought this was just another social media hype.

Just another place for cardio bunnies to take endless selfies, and for the dudes to stare at themselves in the mirror. However, it seems like this might actually be a good idea.

We agree, taking a selfie can be an excellent way to track progress, especially if you’re weight training. If you’re putting on muscle, the scales can be disheartening for a beginner. Pictures can be a powerful motivational tool.

It makes people feel more comfortable taking their progress pictures, it helps you to track your progress and helps contain the selfie taking to separate room.

Overall, we think this thing could actually work.


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