Study Shows Individuals With Weak Muscles Are More Likely To Die Early

Woman lifting kettlebell to represent grip strength
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Good news fit fam, that muscular physique goes way beyond making you look good.

A study from the University of Michigan has found that more muscle could be the key to lengthening your lifespan. Research has revealed that individuals with less muscle are 50 percent more likely to die earlier than their stronger counterparts.

“Maintaining muscle strength throughout life — and especially in later life — is extremely important for longevity and ageing independently,” Dr. Kate Duchowny, lead researcher, told Michigan News.

The results:

As part of their Health and Retirement Study, researchers from UM analysed a sample of 8,326 men and women aged 65, looking into their muscle strength by measuring the power of their grip.

Those with weak muscles were defined as participants with a grip strength of less than 39kg for men and 22kg for women. Overall, the research found that a substantial 46 per cent of those who took part fell under the ‘weak muscle’ category and are more risk of dying earlier.

The test was a simple one. The participants were asked to squeeze a dynamometer, which gave a reading of their strength in kilograms. Duchowny says this could be useful for doctors to measure the health of patients of all ages.

Grip strength is more than just how much you can take on the bar. It’s actually a very good indicator of your overall health and the longevity of your life. Duchowny even stated it might be an effective way of measuring muscle mass.

“Having hand grip strength be an integral part of routine care would allow for earlier interventions, which could lead to increased longevity and independence for individuals.” Duchowny said.

What you can do for a longer, better life

The experts say the key to improving quality of life at an older age is staying active and including regular strength training in your lifestyle. One way to make that process easier is to maintain your physique now and you’ll prime your body for later on. But we all know training isn’t just for a sweet summer bod, it’s for longer, healthier life.

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