Weight Loss Pill Lorcaserin ‘Safe’ Says Study – But Is It Worth The Cost?

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Researchers now claim the weight-loss pill Lorcaserin doesn’t raise the risk of fatal heart problems. Ultimately, meaning it the first ever deemed safe for long-term use.

One expert from the UK has even dubbed Lorcaserin as a potential “holy grail”. According to Tom Fry of Britain’s National Obesity Forum; “I think it is the thing everybody has been looking for.”

Anti-obesity medication is no strangers to scrutiny. Many have been deemed unsafe, sometimes leading to more than just heart issues.

Some have even been linked to mental health issues. Others have even been associated with high blood pressure, palpitations, glaucoma, drug addiction, and insomnia.

Sponsored Study

sponsored study shows weight loss drug to be safe

However, a recent study sponsored by drug manufacturer says Lorcaserin is safe.

Researchers conducted a trial on 12,000 obese or overweight individuals. Some were given the anti-obesity drug, whilst others took a placebo.

After 40 months scientists found that those taking the Lorcaserin pill lost weight. To be more precise, they lost an average of 9 lb (4 kg) over the test period.

Additional analysis also showed no concerning differences in damage to the heart valves. Therefore, the team of scientists believes the drug is also safe for the heart.

Concerns from Scientists

According to Dr. Erin Bohula, an expert in cardiovascular medicine;

“Patients and their doctors have been nervous about using drugs to treat obesity and for good reason. There’s history of these drugs having serious complications.”

Amongst those involved in the study 32 reported suicidal thoughts or behavior. But, it should be noted that those who took Lorcaserin did have a history with depression.

Consultant cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, is also skeptical. When speaking to Sky News he stated;

“We should be highly skeptical of drug company sponsored trial on a diet pill for weight loss. But the results are so marginal, bordering on laughable, that this is clearly not a major part of the solution…”

Dr. Aseem Malhotra says that people should focus on changing their lifestyle. He says that his own patients are seeing far more benefits in improving their diet than using a pill.

Plus, they are also free from the potentially dangerous side effects.

How Lorcaserin Works

Lorcaserin is a lab-made drug created to aid weight loss. Users are required to take two pills per day, with a months supply retailing between $220 – $290 in the US.

The drug works by activating serotonin receptors in the brain that are known to regulate hunger.

More specifically, it targets the 5-HT2C receptor, which is located in the hypothalamus. Activation kickstarts proopiomelanocortin (POMC) production happens which triggers satiety.

Many other weight loss aids opt for natural ingredients to achieve fullness instead. A common ingredient is glucomannan, which absorbs water and swells inside the stomach.

Lorcaserin, on the other hand, alters the brain chemistry. Users do not feel full because there is something inside their stomach. Their actual mind changed by the drug itself.

Heavy Pricetag: Is 9 lb Weight Loss Worth $11 600?

Image showing medication on top of stacked money

An entire months supply of the drug on trial costs between $220 – $290 dollars. Therefore, achieving a 9 lb weight loss over 40 months could cost $8 800 – $11 600.

When the numbers are crunched the average weight loss was tiny. In one whole month, they only lost on average 100 g. Consequently meaning that every single gram could cost between $2.20 – $2.90, which could also buy you a gallon of fuel in most states.

To put that into even further perspective, 100 g is around the same weight as one medium apple. The same amount doesn’t quite measure up to 1 /3 a can of soda. It’s also just over two Hershey bars.

In all 100 g really is not a lot of weight. Not in relation to the human body anyway.

Some say that the drug’s cost far outweighs the minuscule benefits. This is especially true when you compare it with already available supplements.

Affordable Alternatives

A more affordable approach would be to supplement with a high-quality fat burner. These are products created specifically using natural ingredients to promote healthy fat loss.

Fat burners such as Instant Knockout are created using compounds proven to increase thermogenesis. Essentially, the body burns through calories quicker in an ideal fat burning environment.

Meanwhile, the natural Asian fiber Glucomannan helps satisfy hunger.

As fat burners are not a prescription medication, their price tag is a lot more appealing.

A months supply of Instant Knockout retails at a fraction of the Lorcaserin’s price. Over a 40 month period, supplementing with this alternative product could save users almost $9250.

That is a considerable amount of money for the average American. According to studies, $9250 is almost 20% of the average US household income. If you are single and/or live alone, then that percentage could be considerably higher.

Is Lorcaserin Really Worth Cost?

illustration showing an obese woman having lost weight

Science has shown that it is possible to lose weight without drugs. For many, it may even prove easier than relying on cash flow to fund their medication.

Safe and natural weight loss can occur when a calorie deficit is present. Simply put, calories being burned throughout the day should be less than that eaten.

This suggests that a healthier approach to diet and exercise might be the answer. There would be less possible side effects and would prove more affordable.

Plus, a proven to work premium fat burner can help facilitate healthy change. By providing the body with thermogenic nutrients, fibers to handle appetite, and energy boosting properties, calorie burning becomes quicker and easier.

So, is the “holy grail” weight loss pill Lorcaserin really worth the cost? Considering the actual rate of weight loss in relation to the seriously steep price, potentially not.

The answer to the obesity epidemic probably lies somewhere else.

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