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Shed All The Extra Fat With This Simple 8-Hour Diet Plan

The 8-Hour Diet Plan we’ll be discussing today is a very popular plan from David Zinczenko who is also the author of best-selling book Eat This Not That.

diet plan

David promises the followers of this diet plan to lose 20-60 pounds or even more and they can eat whatever they want. Though you shouldn’t get crazy on processed foods or unhealthy fats but still you can eat much of the stuff of your liking.

8-Hour Diet Plan To Shed Excess Fat

The science here is pretty simple and effective. You’ll be consuming calories only in the eight-hour window every day while the rest will be no-eating hours, you can only drink water.

If you still doubt this method, David himself followed his own method and lost 7 pounds.

diet plan

While this isn’t any rocket-science and you’ve already been through several diet plans that promote IF (Intermittent fasting) but this is something unique you should definitely try.


The theory of this diet plan is very simple. The human body is designed for periods of eating and then periods of fasting.

You’ll be consuming calories, in a controlled manner, over 8-hour periods and then fasting for 16 hours during which you are only allowed to drink water and digest food.

What’s The 8-Hour Food Window?

Your daily calories must be consumed during this 8-hour windows. So, if your calorie window is from 9 am to 5 pm, you should only eat during that time and fast for the remaining 16 hours. You can also adjust this 8-hour window depending on your daily schedule. For example, if your working hours are from, let say 9 am to 5 pm, then keep your eating hours within these hours.

diet plan

Also, in the beginning, you should follow this routine only three days in a week and then gradually increase it to 7-days a week, which is our ultimate goal.

What’s The Eat Whatever You Want?

While there are no forbidden foods during your eight-hour eating window but David still recommends not to overeat or opt for unhealthy fats. The only exception is that you are discouraged from drinking calories from beverages and sodas.

Delaying The Breakfast

Unfortunately, you won’t be enjoying the early bird breakfast following this diet plan. You’ll be delaying it. So, if you were having your breakfast daily at 10 am, you will be delaying it to around 1 pm.

Also, David says that you can eat as often as you want during the 8-hour window keeping in mind that you don’t overeat. Have those delicious snacks but portion size should be strictly considered when choosing snacks.

Any Exercise Required?

Yes! David says, “To be successful with this 8-hour diet plan, you must exercise for only 8-10 minutes daily.”

Doing this will turbocharge the fat burning process.

Meal Plan To Follow

David has also helped creating a meat plan for the 8-hour eating window and here what it is:

diet plan

  • Upon Rising: Water, coffee or tea.
  • Breakfast at 10: Oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup. Combine it with coffee, tea or just water.
  • Snack: A granola bar.
  • Lunch: 1 8oz. bag of potato chips, apple and 2 slices of pizza. YUMMY!
  • Snack: 1 Fudge brownie.
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon steak, baked sweet potato with butter, ½ cup of ice cream and one cup of broccoli.

Why This Guide Works?

diet plan

  • While you are allowed to eat whatever you want but overall, it comes down to calorie restriction. When you restrict yourself to 8-hour window, your body might be tricked to taking in fewer calories.
  • You don’t deprive yourself and your body always knows that it’s getting calories.
  • Fasting for straight 16 hours will first make your body digest the food you’ve eaten during the 8-hour window, then it will unlock the fat storage to fuel your body and when combined with 10-minutes of exercise, it will put the fat burning process on steroids.


With this diet, you will not only integrate a habit of exercising but it’ll also be important for any physical activity while you follow the 8-hour diet. Also, weight loss is about 70% diet and 30% exercise. The actual work is done in the kitchen and not at the gym.

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    been on this plan for 4 days and have put on 3lb, I just don’t know why, I have not eatern sugary food and do not drink sugary drinks just black coffee x water, not sure why this is happening, please do you have an idears,
    I do feel less bloated with the plan and am finding it quite easy to maintain.
    I also quit smoking 6 weeks ago.
    Please help really want this to work.
    Thanks, claire

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for reaching out. Here are a couple of things that might help in deciding why you are gaining weight. Run through this list and see if anything sounds true:

      Before looking at these pointers, let’s just clarify a simple fact: When you make changes in diet, exercise, and in life, your body will take time to adjust. If you have been eating a certain way for a long time, and you are NOW making changes, give your body time to adjust to the new way of living. Be patient, take one step at a time, make small changes and keep going. Now let’s get into these points;

      1. Are you sleeping enough?
      2. Are you taking on too many liquids? Water weight could be causing weight gain, don’t go overboard on water intake – drink when you’re thirsty in sips throughout the day.
      3. Are you drinking too much caffeine? Too much caffeine will cause additional stress on the body, try switching to green tea in small amounts if you think this is true.
      3. Are you stressed? Cortisol (the stress hormone) is catabolic, which will make you gain weight – try meditating, walking, reading, to reduce stress.
      4. Have you just started weight training? New adaptations to weight training will cause inflammation and swelling – this will pass after your body has adjusted to the loads you are putting on it. When you add new loads (new weight) you body will have to adapt again, thus more swelling will occur until you have adapted again.
      5. Are you eating enough? If you were eating a lot of unhealthy calories before the plan, and you are now reducing your calories too much, this will cause your body to hold onto weight, this can be fixed by giving your body enough healthy calories. Don’t drop too low in calories, the body likes small changes.
      6. Are you on medication? Speak to your doctor to see if you need to make any dietary changes.

      Let us know your thoughts Claire, we’d love to hear how you get on – keep in touch!

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