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The dreaded diet plan of having to eat the same old bland foods for months makes us all cringe. Eating and burning fat simultaneously sounds impossible. Well, it’s not.dietHello! My name is Brian Pankau, and I am a multiple certified personal trainer and specialist in fitness nutrition. I also hold a BS in Exercise Science. Throughout my 10 years of experience, I’ve dealt with many clients seeking to lose “weight” by following a fad diet. I’m here to shed light on these so-called “diets” and help move you in the right direction, which is eating and burning fat.

Low Calorie Fat Loss is Short-Lived

Decreasing the amount of calories you consume and becoming more active is better than nothing. However, in the end, it has been proven that this is not enough for someone seeking to lose five or more pounds of body fat in a year. The reason for this is because the continuous fluctuation of diet requirements changes every few weeks. Let me explain:

When you follow a low-calorie diet, it works for a short amount of time.  Shortly after, you’ll need to adjust to maintain the changes taking place in your body. Basically, there’s no end to adjustments in calorie intake and physical training adaptations.giphyThis is why you benefit more from whole foods lower in sugar content as opposed to consuming fewer calories from “okay” foods. The facts lie more with your hormones as opposed to calories. 

Insulin And Fat Gains

I could throw science jargon and facts at you all day, but let’s just focus on simplicity. Insulin is an important hormone your body produces after eating sugar. Insulin converts sugar into cells that is used for energy. In a nutshell, insulin helps you use the sugar that has been consumed and stores the leftovers for later.

This is an ongoing process of eat some sugar, gain energy, and repeat. The problem begins when you consume more sugar than necessary. Something a large portion of our society is guilty of.

The Fat Gaining Process:

  1. Regularly eat more sugar than needed
  2. Cause insulin production to increase
  3. Body begins to become resistant to effects of insulin
  4. Insulin increases to overcome resistance
  5. Insulin level to sugar ratio too high and body craves more sugar
  6. Extra sugar is stored as fat

Sugar becomes an addiction that sends your body into an ongoing vicious cycle of needing simple carbs to support its cravings.tumblr_lx2vy9YtMj1qgi26jo1_250

How to Prevent This And Still Eat

You want to combine whole foods (unprocessed) containing protein, dietary fats, and fiber. Low-sugar fruits, starches, and whole grains should be consumed sparingly.

Processed foods containing high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fat, and anything along these lines should be eliminated if possible or only enjoyed as “cheat meals.” By doing this, you will allow your body to maintain balanced insulin levels while burning more fat because they are no longer being stored.15

The K.I.S.S. Effect

K.I.S.S. stands for “Keep It Simple Stupid.” This is how you should view dieting. A proper diet is a lifestyle choice, not something you do for a brief period during the year. In order to keep your waistline down for many years to come, here’s what works:

  • Eating all grains sparingly
  • Consuming protein (1 gram per pound) and fiber rich foods
  • Drinking water over all liquids (minimum of 8 glasses daily)
  • Primarily eating whole foods
  • Avoiding excessive consumption of foods with added sugar
  • Eating a protein-rich breakfast every morning (reduces cravings, burns more fat)
  • Sleeping at least seven hours a night (studies show low sleep patterns destroy your metabolism)
  • Eating slowly (your brain takes around 20 minutes to realize you are full)


What Doesn’t Work:

  • Reducing calories by 500 or more (short-lived fat loss)
  • Focusing on carb reduction only (carbs hold water, so you mainly only lose water weight before fat)
  • Eating only vegetables low in protein and fats (you’re starving your body of nutrients)
  • Walking/jogging longer time periods to counter eating sugary foods
  • Drinking 100% fruit juice in place of soda (even as adults we are supposed to water down our servings of fruit juice)
  • Ridiculously high protein diets

Stop Worrying About Weight Loss

Standing on the scale every day will kill any motivation to succeed. Weight accounts for bone density, muscle mass, fat, water weight, and much more. If you lose 10 pounds in a week, what was really lost? I’d say about two pounds of fat, which was not lost in a healthy way.

Focus on your fat loss potential and throw away the scale. A 5’5” 145-pound woman with 12% body fat is healthier than a 5’5” 125-pound woman with 35% body fat. Relax, keep everything simple! Eat whole foods, train at least two hours a week, and the fat will start to melt off.

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