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If you’ve ever been online, you’ve heard about Flexible Dieting or IIFYM. “IIFYM” or If It Fits Your Macros, is based on the idea that you eat purely to attain your macro goals for the day.

Macro, Macronutrients, are usually the (generic) 40-40-20 that you’ll hear people discuss. So when people talk about hitting their macros, they mean that they are trying to eat to not only hit their caloric intake, but they are eating in a way that 40% of their intake consists of protein, 40% of it are carbs, and the leftover 20% is fat. Obviously, these change based on what you’re aiming to achieve. Take a look below for some general guidelines based on gaining, maintaining, and losing:

So, the trend of IIFYM started as a joke, for those that are seen in the gym and then later chowing down on a ton of doughnuts. Folks would question how dedicated someone was to their progress or their diet if they are seen eating pizza or other fatty foods. The joke? Well, if it fits your macros, go for it!

Much like the WeightWatchers dieters, macro followers are very aware of what they are eating and if it will fall in line with their meeting their needs. Sure, you can eat a some pizza, but then everything else in your mouth that day will be all protein and clean. The idea is that you can allow yourself a dinner out with friends or a few chipotle runs, and not completely ruin your diet since you’ll change the rest of your intake that day for those specific meals. Sounds like a lot of work, right? While it is, fitness apps like My Fitness Palhref> make it easy by letting you enter all your info and letting you visually track your intake. While you may have to be a little bit of a dictator about your numbers, this method of dieting allows you to eat more foods and enjoy life a bit more.

The science of Flexible Dieting is deep, and you can use it in many different ways, but this is more of an intro for those who message us with “So, what is IIFYM?”. Want to try calculating your macros? Try this calculatorhref> to see what your numbers are in order to start getting shredded today. Be sure to track, and practice self control!

Try following Brittany Dawn to see how what being a IIFYM follower looks like!

brittany dawn
brittany dawn

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