17 Times You Failed Miserably At Meal Prep

Food lovers, shield your eyes!

Meal Prep Fail
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It’s Sunday evening, and it is time to start your meal prep for the week. You’ve carefully laid out your Tupperware containers, measured out your macros, placed your chicken breasts in the oven, and peeled a whole bag of sweet potatoes. At this stage, you’re probably feeling like a domestic goddess!

However, sometimes meal prep does not go that smoothly. In fact, 1 out of every ten meal preps will result in some kitchen disaster that ends in dry chicken, limp vegetables, broken crockery, and hair strands that you’ll undoubtedly find at some point while you’re chowing down.

As much as you just want to fall on the kitchen floor and cry at this point, just remember that we’ve all been there! Pick yourself up, grab yourself a protein shake, and laugh at all the times other people have failed at meal prep…

17. That time you didn’t close a container properly and it exploded all over your fridge or lunch box.


16. That time you almost had an anxiety attack from all the mismatched Tupperware.


15. That time you overcooked your food but didn’t want to waste it, so you ate disgusting burnt food for six fucking meals.

meal prep pancakes

14. That time you had absolutely no time to meal prep and ended up with this nonsense for lunch the next day.

meal prep fail

13. That time cutlery rebelled against you and almost ended in your hand having one less of a finger.

meal prep injury

12. That time you remembered all the ingredients but forgot to actually prep them.

meal prep broccoli

11. That time you grabbed a can of nuts for an on-the-go snack, and then realized you grabbed canned peaches instead. And no can opener.

Meal Prep Peaches

10. That time you ate all of the food while prepping.


9. That time you prepped a nutritious salad but forgot any eating implements. Fingers it is then…

Meal Prep Salad

8. That time you ran out of protein and just ate the most unfulfilling wrap or sandwich ever.

Meal fail

7. That time you tried one of those fancy Pinterest recipes and ended up completely destroying your kitchen gadget.

protein waffles

6. That time you ran out of sweet potato or rice, and you had to resort to pizza for carbs.

Meal Prep Pizza

5. When you tried to shop as healthy as possible but also happened to be PMSing.

food shopping fail

4. When you got all the way to work with our Iso-bag before realizing that it was actually fucking empty. I guess you’re fasting today then…

missing meals

3. When you managed to defy the laws of cooking and your meal came out both burnt and raw.

Meal Prep Fail Sweet Potato

2. When your lunch decided to make a run for it and become the floor’s lunch instead. R.I.P. salad.

fallen meal prep

1. When it all got to be a bit too much, and you decided to let Krispy Kreme do your meal prep instead.

Meal Prep Donuts

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