Vegans Lie: These Are The 5 Biggest Lies About Eating Meat

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Let’s be honest…There isn’t a perfect way to eat for everyone. In simple, if something works out for you, it will not necessarily be working for another person.

Today I’ve brought forth a very important topic and it’s all about the vegans. And personally saying, vegans suck at science and there are 5 biggest lies about eating meat. While I’ve always stressed on eating both the animals and plants but still there are several misconceptions and critiques from the vegans that people should eliminate animal foods.


Now, apparently you might believe that this post is sponsored by the meat and dairy industry, I’ll be dead honest with you guys, I’m not against vegans.


The purpose of this post is just to clear some of the biggest misconceptions about the vegan and non-vegan diet. If you’re a vegan and love being one, no problem! Stick to your diet but still, these are the 5 biggest lies we’ve been told about eating meat.

Lies About Eating Meat

1. There are No Studies Showing That They Are Better Than Other Diets

The most common claim we hear is the low-carb and high-fat diets are dangerous and that vegans diets are superior.



There has been a study in a high-quality randomized controlled trial which compared Atkins diet to Ornish diet. The results showed that Atkins diet caused greater improvements and the Atkins group lost more weight as compared to the Ornish one.

Not only that, Atkins groups had a greater decrease in blood pressure, increase in HDL, decrease in Triglycerides and was easy to follow. Also, the Ornish diet performed poor for all the health markets.

Overall, there is not enough evidence proving that vegan diets are better than other diets.

2. Proponents of Vegan Diets Use Lies and Fear Mongering To Promote Their Cause

There are literally dozens of proponents that convince people about the virtues of the vegan diet. They only use lies and fear mongering to scare people from eating meat and dairy products.

Above all, there is literally no evidence that tells meat, eggs or other nutrients derived from animals, especially saturated fat and cholesterol cause any harm.


While there is nothing wrong in promoting the vegan diet but one must be honest and should eliminate these scare tactics to make people feel guilty about eating meat.

The Vegan proponents often use The China Study as evidence but to your knowledge, it has been thoroughly debunked.

3. Meat Causes Inflammation Because of Arachidonic Acid

Seriously? So, the entire world is mad eating shit loads of meat for ages..!


While arachidonic acid or AA is derived from meat but it’s actually a long chain omega-6 fat that is found in the polyunsaturated portion of meat. It also balanced with the long-chain omega-3’s – EPA and DHA. In simple, the tissue concentrations aren’t lopsided towards inflammatory effects of AA as if they are after consuming a heavy dosage of straight-up polyunsaturated omega-6.

Not only that, the normal amount of AA we derive from meat is sufficient enough to benefit the cell membranes and support inflammatory response without even occupying the omega-3 space and thus creating any pro-inflammatory environment.

4. Eating Meat Leads to Heart Disease

Another propaganda against eating meat and to map people towards the vegan diet is that eating meats causes heart disease.

While science says that the metabolism of amino acid L-carnitine to TMAO accelerates artery clogging. This has been previously posted two-year prior in the same journal that shows high levels of TMAO results in increased risk of heart disease.


However, this isn’t as much straightforward as it sounds. The initial experiment was an observational study on just six people while the second study isolated carnitine supplement on mice. But it has been found that TMAO is more elevated by seafood than meat and another study published in journal Food Chemical Toxicology tells that gut health is a major contributor to TMAO levels.

So, even if TMAO increases heart disease in humans, while there is no proof, it is highly possible that elevated TMAO in red meat eaters has more to do with the health of the eater and quality of food.

5. Meat Will Give You Cancer Because Of HAS, PAHs and AGEs

Another ridiculous lie we hear is that meat is linked to cancer which is a bit shady. If there is a single study showing that meat causes cancer or heart disease, there are dozens that prove the opposite. In fact, they tell that avoiding meat can lead to cancer and heart disease.


You should pay attention to the studies looking at how meat is cooked. If the meat is charred, two compounds are formed known as Heterocyclic Amines and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons compounds. Both of them promote cancer growth in different animal studies.

In simple, you shouldn’t eat overly charred meat and also consider marinating it few hours prior to cooking. Use acidic ingredients like vinegar. Also, vegans claim that advanced glycation end products are a problem when cooking meat. However, research tells that vegetarians end up with higher levels in their blood. Laughable!

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