7 Healthy Foods That Actually Make You FAT

Avoid these foods to stop getting fat

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There are many so-called healthy foods people eat because they believe that these foods will help them to lose weight, avoid getting sick, get stronger, or benefit them in any other way. However, the harsh reality is that some of these foods are just called healthy so that people would buy them more often.

If you’re sick of hearing what is healthy and what is not, then start eliminating these most unhealthy products from your healthy diet list.

Avoid These Healthy Foods to Stop Getting Fat

1. Banana Chips

Because banana chips are fried, they lose most of their vitamins and water weight, so they become less nutritious and more caloric. Also, most of the calories come from easily digested sugar.

So, it’s a perfect food to eat in large amounts if you want to get fat without providing your body with plenty of vitamins.

2. Couscous

Couscous is similar to pasta as it provides almost the same amount of calories and has almost no minerals and vitamins. So, if you decide to continue eating couscous, at least eat it with plenty of fresh vegetables or it’ll be just empty calories going to your body fat reserves.

3. Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

Reduced-fat peanut butter, as well as other “reduced-fat” foods, often have artificially added sugars and other additives that are harmful to the body.

If you want to avoid these substances, you should stop buying “reduced-fat” foods and buy the regular ones because the truth is that they are healthier and don’t make you fat if you don’t consume too many calories.

To make sure you eat the highest quality peanut butter, prepare it by yourself by buying peanuts and blending them with a blender. This will allow you to add whatever you want to it to make it tasty and healthy.

4. Soy Products

First of all, most soy products are made from GMO soy so they can cause such health problems as cancer, allergies, and antibiotic resistance. Also, soy contains lots of phytoestrogens, which can mimic the effect of estrogen.

So, overeating soy can result in breast cancer and cause males to look more feminine.

5. Veggie Chips

Just because this product is called veggie chips, it doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with veggies. These chips just have veggie flavoring added in their makeup.

If you want to get vitamins, minerals, and fiber, eat real vegetables as they provide all of these and contain fewer calories than veggie chips. So, the best choice would be to forget about veggie chips forever.

6. Supermarket Yogurt

Eating a natural yogurt can benefit you by providing high-quality fats, protein, probiotics, calcium, and B group vitamins. However, supermarket yogurts are different as they have lots of artificially added sugar and artificial flavors.

Unless you find where to buy a natural yogurt, don’t bother consuming those that are in supermarkets.

7. Gluten-Free Foods

While some people are gluten intolerant and it’s beneficial for them to avoid gluten, most people can eat gluten-containing foods without any problems. But if for one reason or another you want to eat gluten-free foods, then start choosing them wisely.

This means that you should avoid those that have lots of sugar, corn syrup, and alternative forms of starch. Everything you need to do is to read a label before buying something.

If you avoid these so-called healthy foods, it’ll be much easier for you to lose weight by eating truly healthy foods.

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