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Meet Kazim Gurbuz, a 95-year-old yoga master from Turkey, who claims to be in the same prime physical condition as he was at 25. In an interview with Daily Hurriyet columnist, Ayse Arman, the yogi revealed the secrets of his youthful abilities and appearance.yogi 1Yogi Kazim was born in 1920 in the southern Turkish providence of Adana. As a young man, he became famous as a yoga teacher.yogi 8At the age of 41, he broke his back, paralyzing himself from the waist down and losing the ability to have intercourse. The injury was caused by a car accident, and doctors admitted that he would probably never regain the ability to walk.

He experimented with treatments for his condition, and in only short nine months, he regained mobility in his legs after his friends popped his vertebrae right back into alignment.yogi6However, his rebirth faced difficulties. He lives with a bump in his waist due to cracking his vertebral bones. If he had tied a stick to his back, he believes the bump would not have been created. He does not attribute his recovery to any sort of miracle, saying,

 “Man uses his brain power if applied correctly and the brain can regenerate muscles and nervous system.”

He is in such extraordinary physical condition that he can perform “the knot position” for up to 48 hours at the age of 95!yogi 2He claims that his youth and flexibility is the result of eating super-foods like fresh fruits, chestnut honey, olives, red pepper, and pinto beans. He believes that meat can be damaging, causing an acceleration of aging. High-quality protein can be obtained from other food sources. yogi 3Gurbuz makes insanely difficult yoga positions look easy. He is able to hold his breath for 4-5 minutes and achieve an orgasm 3-5 times a day. However, he doesn’t attribute all of his health and success to his own efforts. He has a deeply philosophical view of his physical power.yogi 10He believes in finding all the answers in the Qur’an. Before his morning swim, he performs a routine greeting to the sun. According to Gurbuz, the accident that paralyzed him was a punishment from God for being absorbed in his success and the women who adored him. But he was reborn and believes everyone has the power to be reborn and live until the age of 130.yogi 9

“They are aware of the power that they use internal and outer… [If] they take care of their bodies. Then they will live to age like me.”

The yogi believes that the sun, water, and exercise are all elemental to health. The Daily Pakistan makes a good observation on how we live in the modern era,

“We wake up every morning, go into the same windowless office building and spend most of our time in front of a computer. We use air-conditioning instead of fresh air and get very little exercise.”

If instead we follow the steps of the yogi Kazim, who starts every morning with swimming and yoga, and continues remaining physically active throughout the day, we could see positive changes in our lives.

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