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gudpod review
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The Güdpod, (pronounced good pod) is a new innovation for the supplement industry that uses a pod based technology to make nutritional supplement shakes.

From the first look of it, I really had no clue how it worked. I plugged it in, skimmed through the directions and then realized how easy it was to work.

Basically, it’s like a Keurig for protein.

Basically, you take one of their Güdpods, fill your cup with the desired amount of liquid, place the cup in its position, put a pod into the machine, and go.

You stand there wondering what’s going to happen… and then it starts. I honestly had no clue how this thing worked until I watched it in action.

So what is the Güdpod?

Like I said above, the Güdpod is a machine that makes mixing up a protein shake (or any supplement for that matter) a mess-free, hands-free chore.

The pod itself houses the powder and the blender paddle. You fill your liquid to one of the designated lines and in less than 60 seconds, you have a well-mixed protein shake.

The possibilities for this machine is somewhat endless – you can use any supplement, create your own blends, and never have to get your hands sticky again.

Check out this video for more detail:

How does the Güdpod work?

If you watched the video above, you see that once you place your cup filled to the line you choose, select the level, and hit go.

The machine then lowers the pod, pops open the pod to release the supplement into your liquid, and then begins mixing it for you.

This thing is pretty slick and it had to have taken a while to design so that the liquid didn’t come swirling out of the sides.

Once the machine is done mixing, it pulls the pod up out of the liquid, spins inside of the cup to remove as much liquid from the pod as possible, pops the pod back together, and then returns to the position so you can remove the pod.

Güdpod Product Review

When I first saw what this was, I immediately thought “gimmick.” Boy was I wrong. This machine is well designed and I really like it. There is a couple of suggestions I have, which I’ll cover later.

Does the product work as advertised?

I’ve had at least 15 or 16 protein shakes with this machine. I wanted to really run it through the ringer and see how it holds up.

When I opened the machine, the sleek design, the touchpad on the front, and the weight of the machine really lead me to believe this was a quality product.

I looked through the instruction manual before I pulled it out and I honestly was a little confused. I think I was expecting this to be harder than what it really was.

Overall, the product works as advertised and it does it well.

How much does the Güdpod Machine and Güdpods cost?

As of right now the Güdpod Machine is going for $199.99, but please check current pricing here.

The Güdpods range from around the 38 dollar range for a 16 pack, or you can save a bit and order a 96 pack for around 190. Again, check here for their current pricing.

The Fill Your Own Güdpods come cost $1 a piece and you can order 15 to 90 of them. I’ll touch base on these later on.

What’s the perceived value of the product?

I know what you’re thinking… trust me. $200 for a product sounds like a lot… but this isn’t just any machine. I just threw away 15 old blender bottles due to them being old and a couple of them may have had something growing in it. If you average $7 per blender bottle, that’s $105 right there.

This machine is extremely well built. It is a solid machine and I think they really nailed the design. I’m not an engineer, but the way this machine works, it seems that the margin for failure is pretty low. This is an elegant looking machine with a simple design inside.

Overall I would say the perceived value is on par with the cost of the product. My reasoning is that this is an investment and I would prefer to not have sticky fingers and protein globs on my shirt.

What does the protein taste like?

Once I saw how well the machine worked, I was curious to see how the protein tasted. I have tried some pretty terrible whey products in my life, and I have to say this is one of the better tasting whey I’ve had. I’m partial to one brand (I’ll go over that later) but these are definitely worth trying.

I received two flavors:

Performix Chocolate

I started with the chocolate because that’s generally one of the easiest flavors to nail. One of the main ingredients that sticks out to me is Sucralose. I’m glad that the company decided to spend the extra money for a sweetener that actually tastes good.

The powder mixes well and tastes great. I prefer my protein shakes in milk, but it also tastes great in water.

Performix Vanilla

I immediately made a second shake with a vanilla pod to see how it tasted. The vanilla reminds me of a nice vanilla ice cream. It has a lot of flavor and it is relatively creamy.

Overall, I am very happy with the quality of the protein. Their ingredients are great, and their protein shake is designed for the average user. This means that there’s a little medium chain triglycerides (sugars), some fat, some cholesterol… you know, the good stuff.

You get a good mix of BCAAs and overall it’s a good protein to pair with this machine.

Can you load your own supplements?

As you saw above, you can buy refillable pods so you can put your own supplements in them. Each pod is designed to be reused up to ten times.

You get a bit of room in these pods to put your powder in, and it’s a really neat idea. I tried some BCAAs and then I also mixed a pre-workout in one.

While Güdpod is working on getting more supplement brands on board, the fill your own pod is pretty awesome.

Note: These pods hold about 40 grams of powder.

Wrapping It Up

So we have a machine that has promised to mix protein shakes without making a mess. The only clean up you have to worry about is the cup that it comes with, and it is BPA free and dishwasher safe.


It looks amazing – Seriously, the design and feel of this is great.

It’s built to last – I can tell that this is built with quality. From the thick cord to the way it works, it’s built like a tank.

It’s an innovative machine – When I heard about this I seriously thought “oh this is just another gimmick.” I was wrong.


That thick cord I was just talking about is a little short – I wanted to put this in my office, but I could only put it in the kitchen.

It’s a little loud – The gears that move some of the machine is a little loud. It’s not something that would wake the baby up, but you can hear it running.

There’s only one cup – From what I’ve seen on their website and what I received, you are stuck with just one cup. The cup itself is sturdy and made from some strong plastic… but I would like to be able to order more.


  • The cord is one to two feet long – Making the cord a little longer or having a retracting cord in the bottom would be great.
  • Sell the cups separately – I enjoy drinking out of that cup and I feel adding the cups for sale separately would be a good move.
  • Work on the noise – again, the noise isn’t terrible

Güdpod Overall Rating

  • Design – 9/10
  • Performs As Advertised – 10/10
  • Value – 9/10

Overall I give the Güdpod a 9.5/10

I gave a 9/10 on design due to a shorter cord and the noise. It performs flawlessly and provides great value. The reason I gave a 9/10 for value is because it is a relatively large initial investment.

Check out Güdpod’s store and pick yourself up something amazing.

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