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Here at Spot Me Girl, we not only want to bring you workout information, fitness humor, and motivation, but we also want to help you find whats out there that will help you be a better athlete. We won’t throw just anything at you though, that’s why we battle test it before it’s Spot Me Girl approved.

Today, we focus on the least cared for parts of our bodies: our feet. Face it, you can stretch, foam-roll, and rehydrate all you want, but there are few things that can help your feet feel rested and recovered. We put our feet through a beating on a regular basis. The idea of recovery footwear isn’t new, but some of your options on the market today definitely are. So I grabbed a contributing writer, Mia Germain</a href>, to get varying opinions on a newer recovery sandal: Oofos. Mia is healthy and works out between 4-6 days a week. Then there’s me, your girl Sarah who could use a new knee or hip or both, and works out 6-7 days a week. Here’s what we have to say about Oofos.

What the Sandal is Promoted To Do

Oofos are most commonly referred to as a “recovery sandal”, but what even is that? According to the Oofos website, the sandals “provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and enhancing recovery”. The Oofoam technology and footbed structure are touted to achieve all of the above goals.

What Your Expectation Was

Sarah Hipps: To be honest, I was thinking a mix between a foamy sandal and those older soccer sandals with the massaging pins. Even though I had looked at a picture, thats what I still expected Oofos to look and feel like. My expectation was merely that they would feel good for about 10 minutes, and then I wouldn’t even notice them.

Mia Germain: My first expectation was that the Oofos technology somehow did some crazy reflexology to help release lactic acid and aid in muscle growth while I walked around in them after the gym. But on second thought, I reigned it in, and expected moreover that the arch support and foam cushion would create a much more comfortable feel and position for my feet, therefore allowing them to relax and not add to the discomfort of sore, fatigued legs.

The Look

SH: I am already bias in that I am not a big sandal fan to begin with, so when I first got them and tried them on, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by their look. A simple sandal, Oofos won’t be setting any fashion trends, but to be quite honest…that isn’t the point of the product. Keep reading to know why I couldn’t care less how these look.

MG: “They look like spa shoes,” was the first thing my boyfriend said as he watched me unwrap the Oofos from their packaging, and I don’t think it can be stated any more succinctly. They truly look like they are supposed to be comfortable and supportive, but not in a dreaded Velcro orthopedic kind of way. Granted, I’m not going to wear these out to the club this weekend, but they aren’t visually offensive. Plus, if you’re killing leg day each week you can pull almost anything off with those legs.

The Actual Feel

SH: I was astounded at how great they immediately felt. I have a minimal arch and the Oofos sandal gave me an arch and made it feel incredibly natural. The foam technology was so comfortable, I felt like I was actually walking on a very soft tennis ball. I reference a ball because of a gentle rocking motion you felt with each step which stretched out my achilles, calf, and entire arch. Like Mia, I only wear Nike Free’s which force you to create your own arch, so this was a dramatic change from the norm.

MG: It was love at first step. The arch support felt like it was massaging the inside, tightest part of my foot right way. That feeling of release when you finally get to roll a tennis ball around the arch of your foot? It’s just like that with each step. The arch is high though, so it took some adjusting to feel normal with my toes and heel on such a different level. I’m accustomed to Nike Frees, so arch support always feels a little bit like I’m putting on the wrong shoe at first. I also usually worry about foam/rubber materials rubbing too much in between my toes, especially when wet. These never chaffed or left my skin raw, even after a whole day of moving boxes in them. Over all, they felt like walking on a cloud, albeit an awkward cloud to jump into at first.

Expectation Met?

SH: And then some. Given that my expectation weren’t too high, I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed these sandals that I have to give them an A+. I found myself putting them on the minute I was out of the shower, wearing them out of the gym, and all around relaxing in them. Oofos helped relieve pain in my lower extremities and relax and soothe my feet. I’d say that these are one of the best recovery sandals I’ve ever worn.

MG: I’m glad I caught myself and managed my expectations early. I wore the shoes after an intense leg day, a half marathon test-run, as well as during two days of moving filled with walking boxes in and out from one place to another. The comfort level was incredible, but I saw little direct result on my recovery time post-activity. The shoes felt incredibly comfortable, but that was as far as the enhancing of my recovery went. Still, it was a big step forward from regular sandals, sneakers, or even slippers!

Suggest to Others?

SH: I tend to drone on and on so I’ll keep it short and sweet: Absolutely. Oofos is great for recovery, can make a world of difference for those that have arch issues, and are perfect for any athlete to wear around the house.

MG: I am going to keep my Oofos in my post-gym routine. These will continue to be the first thing I slip into as soon as I am done, through a protein shake, long trip to the grocery store pacing up and down the aisles looking at the Lucky Charms I’m not buying, and through meal preps on the hard, unforgiving tile floor. I would definitely recommend these for taxing activities after you’ve exerted yourself in some capacity. However, I wont recommend you wear them everywhere all the time, they won’t cut your recovery time in half, and they won’t be the cutest shoe in your closet. But I’ll bet you they will be the most comfortable!

Check out Oofos at</a href>

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