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We’ve gotten the chance to try out and review products in the past, but we were definitely excited about trying out a new product coming from the makers of Bosu</a href>. The WeckMethod RMT Club</a href> is a functional piece of equipment that is supposed to help you create even stability in your body, be more mobile than larger gym equipment, and is supposed to be able to give you an incredible full body workout.

I asked one of my favorite Golds Gym trainers, B.S. Sports Medicine and NASM, CPT, CES certified Daneal Jenkins, to work up a little workout with the club and to get a second opinion on this new and upcoming method. Initial thoughts from both of us was that it was an elaborate sledge hammer. After getting started though, we realized there were more moves that could be done with the club. Take a look below for the video of exercises we came up with that we think would work best, and then followed with our general assessment.

Daneal’s General Thoughts:
While not as handy as a kettle bell, it can be used to do various swings, squats, and cardio movements. If you are a golfer or baseball player, this would be a good tool to help with your swing. Being able to jump and slam the RMT Club can be great cardio, although it doesn’t offer the variety that HIIT routines may. There are after all, only so many ways to slam something onto the ground.

This is great for intermediate or advance exercising. This isn’t ideal for geriatric or beginning exercisers since the explosive movements can be difficult and require good form. This is not the next best thing since its predecessor, the BOSU ball, but it can be used for interval training and stationed bootcamps. Using it for sledge hammer slams and core work would be your best bet.
Rating: 4 out of 10. it is not a instrument I would want to reach for all the time when training myself or others but is useful

My Thoughts:
I’m right there with Daneal. The product can be awkward at times, but I see its potential and usefulness. I would more likely go with a kettlebell first, but that may be because I’m more knowledgeable of KB’s. I believe its a great supplemental piece of equipment, something to use when you want to switch things up one day, or as its own interval during HIIT. I would love using this in between a set of sprints and wall balls. The fact that it can be used like a sledge hammer but without the danger of killing the ground or someone else, means that you can definitely use it outside and indoors making it much more versatile.
Rating: 5 out of 10. It wouldn’t be my first go to and I find the use a little limited.

Be sure to try this new product yourself and add it to your workouts!

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