TestoFuel for Females – Does it work?

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When you think of testosterone the first thought you have is probably of some big bearded and shredded male. Not a bad thought, granted, but you need to change that a little! In this article we’re going to take a look at ways top optimize your testosterone and answer if TestoFuel for females is worth it.

Testosterone is as important for females as it is males. It controls your menstrual cycle and libido as you’d expect. But it also plays a massive part in your metabolic health and can keep you healthy and strong.  So, it makes a lot of sense to try and optimize levels to take advantage of the many benefits it can offer you.

We supplemented TestoFuel for 90 days just to see the effects it would have. We were training moderately most of the time but had 2 weeks for a summer break. We kept up supplementation during this though!

For the impatient people, here’s the effects we felt from supplementation:

  • More energy and better sleep
  • Gym performance skyrocketed!
  • Weirdly our skin felt firmer…
  • Helped tone up our arms and booty

But won’t TestoFuel make me manly?

The short answer to this is no. It’s simply impossible for TestoFuel to cause you to look manly. The beauty of TestoFuel is that it’s a natural testosterone booster.

You’re not adding testosterone to your body, you’re optimizing it. Allowing your body to create more allowing you to experience positive effects and benefits.

Estrogen levels will sort themselves and naturally balance out with the increased levels of testosterone. Meaning you are perfectly safe and avoid a mustache or whatever.

TestoFuels Ingredients


TestoFuel works so well because the Roar Ambition (the company behind it) base all their supplements around 100% natural ingredients. Additionally they use the latest scientific information to update doses and have based everything that goes into a capsule on science.

By using natural ingredients they remove any chance of unwanted side effects too. And, nothing will flag up in drugs tests! We learned that going into our first bodybuilding competition.

Here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients that go into TestoFuel:

D-Aspartic Acid

An amino acid that helps regulate sex hormones and has been proven to increase levels of testosterone.

Vitamin D

Your body produces vitamin D when it’s exposed to the sunlight. Without knowing it tens of thousands of people are deficient in it. Low levels of vitamin D can cause tiredness and moodiness. Supplementing it will get you smiley and energetic.

Magnesium and Zinc

You need to supplement magnesium and zinc if you train. These two minerals are absolutely vital for nearly all bodily functions. Supplementation has been shown to not just improve wellbeing, but also increase testosterone levels promoting recovery and fat loss.

Oyster Extract

Oyster extract is an amazing source of zinc and magnesium. Not only that though, it has been studied for it’s effects on increasing libido!


Fenugreek can help normalize sexual hormones as also increase libido too. This is a naturally occurring ingredient that is regularly used as a herb or spice!

Asian Red Panax Ginseng

When supplemented regularly, Ginseng can increase sex hormones and help stimulate new cell growth. This makes it perfect if you are hitting the gym!

-TestoFuel Ingredients Page-

Benefits of TestoFuel for Women


So TestoFuel will work to help increase and balance key hormones. And hormones are so vital in everything you do, that a natural product like TestoFuel can have serious benefits.

#1 More energy

If you’re working out, either doing classes, cardio or lifting weights then you know what it’s like to feel tired. TestoFuel will help you fight this by improving nutrient absorption and raising blood cell levels.

#2 Build Muscle/Lose Fat

Sounds too good to be true, right? But testosterone helps with muscle repair and growth due to it’s influence on protein metabolism. This increased muscle will also see you burning more calories when you train, which can lead to fat loss. Science has proven this.

#3 Increased libido

The effect that took us (and our partner) by surprise. It crept up on us too, gradually building. At 34 we were starting to lose a little interest in sex. Especially when combined with all lifes other pressures. But TestoFuel brought back a bit of spice to the bedroom. This is because lower than normal testosterone levels are linked with a smaller sexual appetite!

#4 Aids menstrual cycle

Hormones can be a bitch. But with TestoFuel you might find your monthly cycle more comfortable and enjoy that monthly peak in testosterone a little more!

How to take TestoFuel

What makes TestoFuel so good, is that you get 120 capsules in a month supply. This is awesome as it means you are keeping yourself completely topped up with key nutrients  through the day.

This will allow your hormone levels chance to optimize themselves and make you feel great! If you don’t want to supplement all 4 capsules either, you could always easily cut your dose down by one.

We took TestoFuel for the full 90 days recomended. Here’s a rough time;

  • First Capsule: With breakfast at 7am
  • Second Capsule: With fruit/nuts around 11am
  • Third Capsule: With lunch at 1pm
  • Fourth Capsule: With mid afternoon snack around 4pm

Remember to always take your TestoFuel with a snack too. If you’ve got an empty tummy the DAA might make you feel a little queezy.

This is the only real side effect we encountered from TestoFuel. Everything else was absolutely fine and we just got the benefits!

How long does it take TestoFuel to work for Women?

We sound crazy here, but we felt the effects of TestoFuel within the first 3 days. It might’ve been due to a bit of placebo, but within a week we were in full swing.

Obviously the fat loss and muscle toning took a little longer. But the energy we felt was almost immediate.

We just woke up wanting to smash through the day like we’ve never before. Feeling more confident and pushing harder in the gym and classes we were going to!

Here’s how we’d breakdown the effects of TestoFuel:

  • 3-5 Days: Increased energy and motivation
  • 7-10 Days: Better sleep and improvements in gym performance
  • 20 Days: Tighter tummy and toned booty and arms
  • 30 Days: Stronger and rejuvenated. Lost weight too!
  • 45 Days onwards: Results keep on coming!
  • 90 Days: Lost 25lbs and feel amazing!

Obviously we were hitting the gym and dieting for the weight loss results, but we’re pretty confident you can use TestoFuel to gain weight and muscle too!

The increases in testosterone can provide such a wealth of benefits.

What makes TestoFuel worth it?


So we’ve established that TestoFuel can play a massive part in improving the lives of females. But is it actually worth it’s price tag?

Well, even though this might seem like an expensive supplement, TestoFuel is the absolute market leader when it comes to natural testosterone boosters.

TestoFuel is a nutrient led product. Everything in the blend is backed by scientific studies and 100% natural. You won’t fail any blood tests if you are competing, for example.

The massive 120 capsule serving size ensures that you are going to have all the key vitamins, herbs and minerals pumping around your body for as long as possible.

90 Day Guarantee 

If you get the 90 day supply you are also guaranteed to get the full effects and benefits of TestoFuel as a female! The risk is literally on them.

How much is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel sells for $65.00 for a months supply. This might seem steep, but we can honestly say it’s worth it.

As a girl, you can probably get away with stretching the 120 capsules out to just over a month. However if you want quicker and more noticeable effects then you can step it up and commit to 90 days.

Getting the most from TestoFuel

To get the most from TestoFuel you need to be looking at the 90 day supply. This costs $195.00 but also gets you an extra bottle free. Meaning you can take another 30 days on top of this.

You also get free worldwide shipping with this deal too.

The longer you supplement TestoFuel for, the better your results will be. We do recommend working out to go alongside supplementation. However you will still see some good results from just supplementing it and going about normal life!

TestoFuel for Females – The Bottom Line

We absolute loved supplementing TestoFuel. We experienced next to no negative side effects and contrary to what most ladies think, TestoFuel made us feel more womanly than anything else.

We lost weight, but increased in strength and toned our booty right up in this period!

If you’re feeling a little tired on the mornings, unmotivated to get to the gym and looking to finally start making some progress on your physique, TestoFuel is as beneficial as a fat burner.

-Visit TestoFuel.com- 

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