You’ll NEVER Guess How Much This 25 Year Old Russian GIRL Benches

Time to crush some egos

When thinking about bodybuilders and strong powerlifters, you often imagine a 40ish-year-old dude with a thick beard and chest hair that would give a gorilla run for his money… right?

What you never imagine is a 20-something-year-old girl that can out bench you and your entire gym squad. Well time to break some stereotypes and make sure you never doubt a woman’s strength again.

Nataliya Kuznetsova Bench Presses 375 lbs

Meet Nataliya, a 25-year-old Russian native who is a decorated powerlifter and an amateur bodybuilder. She holds the European records in both bench press and deadlift. Her body resembles what women think will happen if they start using free weights.

Stating The Obvious

Before we go any further, let’s address the obvious…yes she uses steroids. Nataliya has openly admitted to using the juice for gaining a competitive edge. As an open user of performance enhancer, she competes in organizations that allow her to juice up.

Her cycle includes estrogen blockers regularly, 150 – 200 mg of Primobolan leading up to a competition and 20 mg of oxandrolone on regular training days.

Nataliya Kuznetsova considered using human growth hormone and insulin but ultimately decided against it. She had a number of aesthetic surgeries done between 2011 and 2013, as you may have noticed.

Now with the obvious out of the way, let’s start from the beginning.

Check out Nataliya’s humble beginnings on the next page…

Meet Nataliya Kuznetsova

Nataliya started her powerlifting career at the tender age of 14, weighing merely 90 pounds. As a young Russian teen, she wanted to be big and strong so she started training combat sports and powerlifting. After some patient training under the guidance of her coach, Alexei Ivanov, she began gaining some serious muscles. Before she knew it, she left humanity behind.

She claims that even though she uses steroids for the competitive edge, she is strong even without them and that she must maintain a strict diet in order to maintain her hulking mass of 216 lbs. In her private life, she is married to a fellow bodybuilder, Vladislav Kuznetsov.

Even though she claims finding sponsors is a nightmare and that she covers most of her expenses on her own, she is a sponsored athlete of a sports nutrition brand Vertex Pharmaceuticals and clothing brand.

Nataliya’s Powerlifting Career

Now being a grown 25-year-old woman, she is an amateur bodybuilding champion and a powerlifting record holder. She benches 375 lbs and deadlifts 530 lbs. She holds many championship titles both in powerlifting, arm wrestling, and in bodybuilding.

Here are a few examples:

  • 2-Time Baikal Grand Prix Winner
  • WPC bench press and deadlifting champion of Europe
  • GPA bench press and deadlifting champion of Eurasia
  • 2014 arm wrestling cup champion.

Along with being terrifyingly huge and strong, she also does some webcam modeling, as you can tell by the video above. Her size and strength gained her the nickname of “Russian Amazon” and the most muscular woman on the planet.

Rightfully so, because her stats are incredible!  Her biceps measure in at 18.5 inches, her waist clocks in at 30 inches and those thunder thighs measure in at 28.34 inches. All that on a tiny frame of merely five feet six inches

Nataliya’s Future

Even at such a young age, she’s basically cleared out her division and it’s safe to say it’s going to be a while before she finds a worthwhile competition. What does her future hold for her? Well, she’s a bodybuilding coach, so even if she decides to hang it up there won’t be a lack of financial and business offers.

As for weird and strong as hell female Russian powerlifters, the internet has already got you covered.

The Boldenone Barbie herself, Yulia Viktorovna. Miss Yulia is a 20-year-old power lifter who took the internet by storm because she has a doll-like face and the body of a He-Man action figure.

In the video above, she is squatting 520 lbs at a recent powerlifting meet. Which is already more than Nataliya Kuznetsova’s best squat of 400 lbs. Only time will tell when Yulia takes the crown from Nataliya.

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