Sommer Ray Earns Up To $26,275 for an Instagram Post


It’s not just footballers or soccer players who are raking in the money now…

Much has been said about the pay gap between male and female in office environments. Mostly for good reason too.

However, the fitness industry seems to be the place where more females are blossoming – inspiring others to rise to the top.

One example of this, is recent social media sensation & fitness model, Sommer Ray.

She sits at the top of the Instagram ‘fit list’ and earns up to $26,275 per post on Instagram (where she attracts around 500,000 likes on a regular basis.

Ultimately, this means that she rakes in around $5.2 million per year. Not bad for a few ass shots on Instagram to please the fans, ey?

But we digress, and with that statement, we haven’t given Sommer Ray enough credit for her work.

The Haters

Like with anything, increased fame comes more haters. And that’s exactly what’s happened with Sommer Ray.

Don’t get us wrong, she definitely attracts more admirers, with many being in awe of her incredible figure.

However, there are also those that criticize her ‘sexual’ poses on Instagram, claiming that she only shows off her booty.

Well, we feel that this is unjustified criticism indeed.

Imagine if you worked hard all of your life to finally purchase your dream car. You’ll inevitably post a picture on your Facebook or instagram, because you’ll be proud of your achievements.

Well, many forget that fitness models such as Sommer Ray train their butt-off (literally) to achieve their incredible bodies. A figure like hers doesn’t just appear overnight, it takes years of hard-work and dedication to achieve – and maintain.

For this reason, we believe she can take all the booty shots she wants. And let’s be honest, the guys absolutely love it.

Jump roping is my favorite 💪🏼😜Check out my new Vlog in bio 👊🏼 #musclebootiesjiggle #migente

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Many Criticizing The ‘Strong Is Sexy’ Movement

It’s not just Sommer Ray and other fitness models receiving criticism.

Increasing numbers of people have started to attack the ‘strong is sexy’ movement that’s taking place in the fitness and modelling industry.

We think that this is crazy, as it’s much better than the whole ‘size 0’ bullsh*t that was popular years ago.

In fact, ‘strong is sexy’ is empowering women more than anything; it’s allowing women to lift weights and build strong arms, without becoming ‘masculine’.

No longer are females being labelled as ‘she-hulk’ when they gain muscle mass. Now, women are glittered with praise and encouragement for their hard work in the gym.

What Do You Think?

As with everything, we always value your opinion here at SpotMeGirl.

For this reason, we’d love to hear what you think about this whole ordeal. Is it good for fitness models to be earning bucket-loads by posting pictures of their booty?

Let us know what you think in our comments section below…

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