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Natural testosterone boosters help you build muscle tone, lose body fat and develop a fitter, more confident you.

If you want to be a female badass you need to read this.

Testosterone boosters don’t make you manly like a synthetic steroid does. And they won’t bring loads of side effects like testosterone replacement therapy either.

But they do turn you into a gym goddess – sexy, athletic and assertive.

Here’s how to harness the natural power of a testosterone booster and transform your body into the best it ever has been.

Why exactly does a woman need testosterone?

Chances are, when you think of testosterone you think of a manly man with a square jaw, strong physique and assertive personality that makes him dominant and powerful.

The kind of man that all women wan to be with.

(I’m picturing Jason Momoa, don’t know about you).

In men, their natural ‘anabolic’ hormone maintains their masculinity and dominance. It’s a characteristics that you can track back to ancient times when the most dominant male in the group would get the food and women of his choice.

For us females though, testosterone is different… but it plays a number of functions just just as important.

  • Elevates libido – Testosterone is at its highest around ovulation. This is most likely because your body is at its most fertile and your hormones want you to take advantage of that ‘window of opportunity’.
  • Faster fat loss – Natural testosterone has the amazing ability to burn fat and get you leaner. It plays an important part in fat cell metabolism and most overweight women have low levels of the hormone.
  • Improves performance – If you want to perform to your best ability in the gym, sports field (and bedroom) you need to optimize anabolic hormone levels.
  • Builds a curvy, strong figure – There’s one thing for sure; testosterone speeds up weight training results and helps you build a kick ass booty, toned arms and popping abs too.

Athletic female with muscles and abs on a black background

Won’t too much testosterone make you manly and bulky?

This is a common concern for women.

But let us assure you; unless you choose to use steroids you just can’t build size, strength and other masculine features that you might be worried about.

Testosterone boosters don’t make you bulky.

Men have testosterone levels that range from 300-1,000 ng.dL. That’s a huge amount considering you only only have 25-70 ng.dL in your body.

Even if you maxed out at the upper end of the scale, it’s still not high enough to take on masculine characteristics.

Bulky, manly muscles?

Hell no.

But what you will get is sexy, sculpted curves, fit and athletic stamina and a libido that will have you dominating your man in the bedroom in no time.

This is our time ladies. Let’s take it with both hands.

How do testosterone boosters work?

Natural testosterone boosters don’t work like synthetic steroids.

They don’t pump your body full of hormones made in a lab by some crazy scientist.

Instead, they use all-natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients to elevate existing testosterone.


Although testosterone is released from your ovaries and adrenal glands, it’s actually regulated by your brain.

Without your hypothalamus and pituitary glands sending signals to these areas of your body, they just won’t make enough hormones. You have to give them a wake up call and remind them what they need to do.

Testosterone boosters act like some kind of vitamin-based defibrillator, jolting your brain into supercharging your hormone levels.

They force your brain to speed up the release of luteinizng hormone – an important chemical messenger that travels from your pituitary gland to your ovaries, passing the message on that your body is crying out for more testosterone.

Here’s why testosterone boosters won’t let hormone levels go too high

Your brain is like a master computer – both complex and clever in equal measure.

When luteinizing hormone triggers more testosterone release, there’s another series of messages sent back to the brain to tell them what’s happened.

This is what’s called a hormonal feedback loop.

When testosterone levels start to get just that little bit higher than they should be, your brain slows down the messages it send to your ovaries. And that of course, slows down testosterone release.

It’s kind of an ‘off-switch’ where your master computer says…

“Okay that’s just enough testosterone to help you get fit, strong and sexy; let’s not let it get too high and ruin the party”.

With the help of the right natural vitamins and minerals, your body can find just the right balance – what’s referred to as optimal testosterone release.

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Using natural nutrients to boost hormone levels

When it comes to finding the best, most effective testosterone booster to elevate you performance, confidence and results, it’s all about the ingredients.

We’re massive fans of these supplements, but we’ve found that not all of them are as effective as they claim to be.

Here our top choice testosterone booster nutrients:

  • Vitamin D3 – the ‘sunshine’ vitamin has been shown to elevate testosterone levels. It boosts mood, helps muscles recover after a tough workout and even increases heart health. It’s the number one vitamin for athletes – especially those that don’t get much time in the sunlight because of working hours.
  • Zinc – this essential mineral works wonders for any woman wanting better skin, better workouts in the gym and balanced hormone levels. It’s been shown to speed up testosterone release in clinical studies.
  • D-aspartic acid – this amino acid helps you restore damaged muscle cells, increase testosterone and recover from periods of intense training.
  • Magnesium – another important mineral for sports performance, magnesium acts as a barrier for muscle damage, helping to keep you in top form no matter how hard you work in the weights room.

Our top testosterone booster choice?

Find out about our Best Natural Testosterone Boosters in our detailed and comprehensive guide for women.

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