10 Crazy Fitness Moves You’ll Wish You Could Do

Mixing pure strength, skill, and insanity

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We searched the internet to bring you some of the most talented athletes. Their abilities combined from a mix of pure strength, skill, and insanity. These crazy fitness exercises are badass but don’t hurt yourself trying them out!

  1. Do 10 of these box jumps and I swear you’ll feel it. Seriously, though, look how high the initial jump is.

2. Burpees? No thanks. Burpees with the potential of being knocked out by a swing? No, thank you. (But honestly, you’re probably going to want to try this next time you’re by a swing.)

3. Now add some push-ups to your workout. Too easy? Okay, push-ups on just your thumbs. Oh and also, no feet.


4. How about this crazy hybrid of handstand and clap push-ups? Talk about the all-around athlete, combining balance and strength.

5. Time to step up your lifting game. Are you even lifting if you’re not lifting yourself AND the weight?

6. Now more squats! No, wait. Flips! Wait, actually push-ups! Or does this just qualify as another burpee? This is the king of crazy exercise moves.


7. I think this solidifies pole dancing as a sport. I’m still trying to find the wires holding him up.

8. Each part may seem simple but put it together? This girl has got some serious strength.

9. Because balancing on your hands isn’t hard enough. Think about all those tiny muscle shifts.

10. Push-ups by themselves wear out the arms quickly. Pull-ups by themselves wear out the arms even quicker. Combine them both and you’ll feel sore for days.

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