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It’s payday and time to treat yourself! You could get a manicure, but we all know that will end up getting destroyed 15 minutes into your workout. Alternatively, you could splash your cash on a big night out but is it worth the hellish hangover? Probably not. How about some awesome gym products that look great, make you feel fantastic, and get you ALL the gains?

Take a look at our workout wish list and find the next gym gadget that is perfect for you:

Treat Yo Self

1. This stylish fitness tracker so you can see if you burned off that XL double-syrup frappucino

Gym Products - FitBit Alta

We all love gadgets, but we especially love gadgets that can help us on our health and fitness journey. The Fitbit Alta is the slimmer and sexier sister to the Fitbit Charge, but it is packed with cool technology like a step counter, a calorie tracker, sleep analysis, call and message notifications, and even regular reminders to get off your ass! It also looks really slick.

2. This “motivational” shirt that is dropping some serious truth bombs

Everything hurts and I'm dying

Sometimes, nothing can motivate you. Not even creeping on your favorite fitness models on Instagram for an hour. For those days, you just need to suck it up, put this Everything Hurts and I’m Dying shirt on, and remember it is okay that you’re sweaty and in pain. At Making it to the gym is more than half of it!

3. A little something to make training abs even more torturous

Ab Rollouts

No one likes training abdominals. No one. It’s boring and stupid, and no matter how many crunches we do, those six-pack abs never seem to appear! If you fancy spicing up your ab training and making your life far more difficult, get yourself an URBNFit Ab Wheel. You’ll feel it in both your upper and lower abs, and it is a lot more fun than ANOTHER set of hanging leg raises.

4. This trigger point massager that looks a bit like a weapon


We all know how important recovery is for our muscles. It gives them a chance to heal and grow, making them bigger, stronger, and more resilient. However, if you’re still aching several days after training, your body could need a little help with repairing itself. The SKLZ AccuStick is ideal for massaging your problem areas and speeding up recovery times. It can also be used to fend off all the men that will be ogling your strong, supple musculature!

5. This almond butter that will make you weep for joy

Buff Bake Almond Butter

We thought nothing could replace our love for peanut butter—no man, woman, or child. Not even a puppy. However, this Birthday Cake Flavored Buff Bake Almond Butter has done it. Ladies, just stop what you’re doing for a minute to consider the gravitas of this stuff. Plus, what if it’s enriched with extra protein? And what if it tasted like birthday cake? AND WHAT IF YOU COULD HAVE THAT IN YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW?!

6. This twin set of towels for when you need to wipe away your sweat and loud-red-faced-benching-dude’s sweat too

Essential Gym Products - Sweat Towel

We’ve all been there—you go to use a machine in the gym and instead of being greeted by cool vinyl, you’re assaulted by hot, sticky sweat! And it’s not even your sweat! Carrying one towel isn’t enough! After all, you don’t want to be rubbing someone else’s body juices all over your skin! These microfiber towels from The Friendly Swede come as a pair and are small enough that you can throw both in your gym bag.

7. These barbell clips for when every other pair of clips at the gym goes missing

Dreapark Barbell Clips

There’s nothing worse than loading up the bar and not being able to find a matching set of clips to hold the weights in place. Honestly, who is using just one fucking clip?! Take your own pair to the gym and you never have to deal with this heinous gym crime ever again! This set of Dreapark Olympic Barbell Clips will withstand even the toughest of training, so they’re perfect for powerlifting and CrossFit.

8. A pair of leggings that will make your butt look A-MAZ-ING!

Under Armour

Guys have had awesome UnderArmour gym clothing for a while now, so we’re super excited that us ladies have our own UnderArmour range to go beast mode in! If you want a pair of leggings that won’t split or go completely sheer while squatting, take a look at the Favorite Capri. Not only do they look awesome and cling perfectly to your curves, but they’re also made from charged cotton. This will help wick away sweat and keep you cool.

9. Sweet, delicious cookie dough (in the form of a protein bar)

Quest Bars Are Life

If you’re yet to try a Quest Bar, prepare to have your mind blown! These suckers come in a huge variety of flavors, pack a massive 21g of protein per bar, and have only four grams of net carbs. They’re also the perfect size for slipping in your gym bag for post-workout recovery or popping in your purse when you start to get those hangry feelz.

10. These athletics rings that will make you feel like a badass gymnast

Gym Rings

We’re pretty sure that when Beyonce sang “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it” she was actually referring to these fantastic Nayoya Gymnastics rings. Perfect for pull-ups, dips, rows, muscle-ups, and push-ups, these rings are a great way to get your workout in if you’re limited on equipment or space. Just attach them to any solid beam or pipe and go at it! They’re super secure and robust so you won’t fall on your ass while using them.

11. This motivating shaker bottle that reminds you to just get shit done

Hydra Cup - Get Shit Done

You can never have enough shaker cups. Never. Especially when you’re prone to leaving them on the floor of your car for weeks at a time, allowing the contents to take on a life of their own and resulting in having to throw that bad boy out (preferably into a volcano). The Hydra Cup – Dual Shaker is especially awesome as it has two compartments to hold your intra-workout and post-workout drink in just one cup! Mmmm… dat multitasking doe…

12. Protection for your hips and back so you don’t end up with ugly barbell rub

Bear Barbell Pad

You’re doing glute bridges, and you’ve worked your way up to a pretty impressive weight. You setup for the next set and then bruises. Bruises everywhere! But especially on your delicate lady parts! Yep, the barbell is pretty unforgiving when it comes to some exercises, but you don’t have to look battered and bruised just because you’re a strong, sexy lady! Pop the BEAR Barbell pad around the middle section of the bar and you’ll instantly feel more comfortable doing bridges, thrusts, and squats.

13. These sneakers that make you feel like you can LIFT THE WORLD!

Wonder Woman Converse

We all know that you need the right shoes for the right job. However, these Converse Wonder Woman Sneakers are the right shoes for EVERY job! Flat-soled and with solid ankle support, these shoes are ideal for lifting as they give you a stable and level surface to train from. They’re also super stylish and feature Wonder Woman looking like an absolute babe, so you’ll feel fantastic wearing them outside of the gym too.

14. Some sweet smelling perfume to get you feeling girly again

gym products - love and toast perfume

Ladies, there’s probably a lot of shit in your gym bags! Most of it is there to help you kick ass during your workout, but sometimes you need a little something to get you feeling feminine and fresh again. The Love & Toast Clementine Crush Roller Perfume is small enough to slip into the tiniest of pockets and leaves you smelling glorious, even after the most grueling of workouts!

15. These wireless headphones that won’t snag on shit and send you into a rage!

Powerbeats2 by Dre

Nothing is more annoying than your headphones catching on a machine and forcefully ripping from your ears, just as the beat is about to drop on your favorite workout song! The PowerBeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones are pricey but worth every penny. They have exceptional sound quality featuring optimal noise-cancelling with flexible ear hook to fit you perfectly. Also, they will never snag. Not your style? Fear not! We have more awesome gym headphone recommendations for you to check out!

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