5 Underrated Moves for Results

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As lifters, we are always looking for new exercises that will challenge us. We scour the internet, magazines, and watch other lifters to find out new moves we can incorporate into our own routines. Well, here are 5 moves you can incorporate into your routine that you should already be doing that will increase strength, stability, muscle endurance, and mass.

Y Press

The Y Press is simple in that it is like the dumbbell shoulder press, but instead of pressing straight up you press diagonally out so you look like a Y. While it is an easy move, you should stick with a lighter weight to start. The Y Press is great to increase shoulder stability since it takes your shoulder out of its usual comfort of straight up and down. It forces your shoulder to work against gravity and engages all the muscles of your shoulder to stabilize the joint while in the position.

Y Press, courtesy of Roman Fitness Systems

Reverse Curl

The reverse curl is a very underused exercise that most lifters don’t even know about. The reverse curl is something you should include in your routines because it works a little muscle called the Brachialis. While you might not think the Brachialis is important, you will when you find out that by working this muscle, you could improve the look of your Bicep. This muscle sits behind and under your Bicep, causing the bicep to sit higher and be more pronounced. Reverse Curls also work the forearms, which increases your grip strength for other, more intense exercises.

reverse curls courtesy of leanitup.com

Crush Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

This workout is great because it increases the tension you’ll feel across the main muscles: the chest, shoulders, triceps, and even the upper back. This move is where you push the dumbbells together, or “crush” them together, in order to create this increased tension. More tension means more muscle being built and creates more hormonal release in the body. Do this move for 3 sets of 10 and you’ll be hoping the end of your workout is coming soon.

CGDB, BodyBuilding.com

Good Mornings

This move is exceptional to increase the mobility and strength in your posterior chain. Good Mornings directly affect the deadlift and assists in a lifter’s ability to work the upper back as well. This move doesn’t only strengthen the major posterior chain muscles such as the glutes and hamstrings, but it also assists in decreasing your risk of lower back injury.

Good Mornings, BodyBuilding.com

Curtsy Lunges

Barely known by lifters, the Curtsy Lunge works both the inner and outer thigh and creates sexy toned legs. This workout is best incorporated as a superset move, holding heavy dumbbells to increase the fatigue felt. While the Curtsy Lunge increases glute and hip strength, it also does some amazing work throughout the entire move. While lowering into the lunge, the instability forces the muscles on the outside of your thigh to work and stabilize the knee. Pushing off your back leg obviously works the glutes, but it also forces the inside of your thigh to work and bring your body back into alignment.

Curtsy Lunge

Keep these moves on your mind when you get to the gym and incorporate them into your workout. You’ll find the benefits faster than you realize, especially when you pop out those Good Mornings and your back realizes you’ve found a new move to toy with.

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