Get In The Ring: How Boxing Can Build Your Dream Body

Want sexy shoulders, a tiny waist, and shapely legs?

Ava Knight Boxing
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When most people think of boxing, they think of blood, broken noses, and Mike Tyson biting someone’s ear off. While that certainly is one rather vicious side to the sport, there is a whole other part of it. This side is all about speed, agility, strength, and creating an impressive, functional body.

Gisele Bundchen boxing

If you’re looking to build muscle and sculpt a head-turning hourglass figure, adding an hour of boxing to your weekly workouts will help you achieve exactly that. Used by celebrities and supermodels, like Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, boxing also happens to burn fat and improve your balance and coordination. And let’s face it, being able to throw a solid punch makes you feel like a total bad ass too!

Gigi Hadid Boxing


1. Scorch Calories Like Crazy!

One of the best things about boxing is how many calories it burns in such a short amount of time. The quick bursts of punches, the fast footwork, and the bobbing-and-weaving movements all work together to create one hell of a full-body workout that blasts fat and improves your cardiovascular system.

Boxing is also a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) too, meaning you can cut down your exercise time and still get fantastic results! In fact, doing just 30 minutes of fast and furious sparring burns more calories that a 60-minute static bike workout. And there’s less of a chance for that creepy dude to bother you. Bonus!

Nicola Adams Boxing Chillout

Women boxing

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2. Build Boulder Shoulders

Many women want smooth, shapely shoulders that make their waist look smaller and will complement a strapless dress perfectly. Well, boxing can help you achieve that look. Punching works your shoulders in a way that no gym exercise can by allowing you to train every angle and muscle in the deltoids simultaneously. The result is round shoulder caps and lean arms that form the top of the perfect hourglass shape.

Mel Haywood and Georgia Simmons Boxing

And the proof is really in the (low calorie, high protein) pudding. Have you ever seen a boxer with small shoulders? No? That’s because they don’t exist! Even IFBB Pro, Melissa Haywood, started her fitness journey in boxing, giving her a head start on building her sexy shoulders she proudly shows off.

IFBB Pro and former boxer Mel Haywood

3. Shrink Your Waist

Twists, crunches, holds, bends. Sure, you could perform all of these ab exercises on a boring old stability ball. Instead, you could perform them while punching, dodging, and being an absolute badass! Although it may seem like boxing is purely a workout for the arms, it’s also one of the best ways to tighten your stomach and train your core.

Tight abs on a female boxer

Whether you’re twisting for a powerful right hook or leaning back to dodge a punch, you are working your abdominals the entire time you’re in a boxing ring. Just take a look at Holly Holms. The former professional boxer and now UFC superstar has one of the most amazing six packs around. And it’s all due to her in-ring training.

Holly Holm Boxing

Holly Holm abs of steel


4. Build Beautiful Legs

The best boxers in the world all put their brawling prowess down to one thing: their legs. World welterweight champion, Cecilia Braekhus, has one of the most powerful punches in female boxing, and that is mainly due to the power and drive that her awesome legs give her.

Cecilia Braekhus

You never just stand in one place while boxing (and if you are, your face will quickly be introduced to your opponents glove). This means your legs get a fantastic workout. You’ll build muscle through lunging forward, squatting back, and sidestepping your opponent. You will also lose fat and develop your hamstrings through the constant and varied cardio movements.

Boxing body

5. Stops Weight Gain In Its Tracks

Let’s say you had a bad day at work. And now your car is making noises associated with an industrial plant. You may be tempted to grab a glass of wine or pint of ice cream and give up for the night, but picking up your boxing gloves and taking your anger out on a punching bag will be far more beneficial—for your body and mind.

Ronda Rousey Punchbag

Stress quite often leads to weight gain as it triggers the release of the hormone cortisol. This hormone has been shown to increase appetite and cravings for junk food. By swapping out the unhealthy snacking for a burst of boxing (following in the footsteps of celebrity boxing fan LeAnn Rimes), you’re not only smashing stress away, but you’re stopping the release of cortisol.

LeAnn Rymes Boxing Workout

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