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What’s Best For A Good Physique: Cardio or Strength Training?

We all know that a balanced and healthy diet combined with at least 1-2 hours of daily exercise is the key to fitness. However, when it comes to losing weight and staying in good shape, there is always a battle going on between cardio and strength training.

cardio vs weight

When we say ‘Good Physique’ it’s not only about lifting heavy but also losing weight. Without fat loss, you’ll never get the ideal physique you want. As a matter of fact, whenever someone asks me, “Should I do cardio or strength training for fat loss?” the answer is it depends.

For the instance, if you are engaged in a tug of war with your scale, then cardio is the way to go. But, if you want to look sexy under those fall sweaters, then strength training is the way to go, as it helps to lose fat along with building muscles.

cardio vs weight

To make it simple for you, cardio workouts are great for fat burning and losing weight. Strength training, on the other hands, helps to put the mass on your body. You have to think which of these two will actually help you look better.

With your goals in mind, here is a sneak peak of what cardio and strength training does to your body.

Cardio vs. Strength Training

1. Cardio


Cardio workouts abruptly increase your heart rate and respiratory system functioning. When your heart rate reaches a certain level, your body starts to burn calories fast or it uses the stored fat as a source of energy. If you are worried about that bad hanging in front of you and those stubborn love handles, then cardio will efficiently help you shed it off. It actually boosts your metabolism and keeps it engaged throughout the day.


While it sounds very easy and you may think that running only 30-minutes in a week will help you lose weight. You actually have to do the cardio workouts daily for 45+ minutes and 5-6 days a week to enjoy its perks. You’ll start to notice your body becoming fit and toned within a month or two. Depends on how consistently you work out.

2. Strength Training

Cardio burns calories while strength training builds up your strength and muscle mass. When you lift heavy, your body tears through the old, weak muscle tissues. And during the rest days, it rebuilds them to get bigger and stronger. Needless to say that it also burns calories and fat but you’ll be consuming more calories instead of burning them.

strength training

Once again, if you are worried about the fat on the body, engaging in some specific strength training programs, like the Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size program would eventually help you shed fat and build muscles.

strength training

Also, when it comes to building muscles, the sky is the limit. The key is to focus on full-body workouts and make sure that you are eating healthy and lifting consistently with proper rest in between. TBH, weight training delivers results within a couple of weeks but you actually have to cover a lot of distance until you get your ideal physique.

Final Verdict


I would conclude my discussion once again with the same words, to build an ideal physique and to lose weight, it all depends on your goals. Once you’ve set them, either go for cardio workouts or the strength training.

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