20 Gifs That Explain CrossFit Perfectly

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With anything that is competitive and transformative, a lot of emotions come into play. Let’s face it, the only way to express said emotions is through gifs. Because if you can’t say it with a gif, it literally cannot be said.

1. The first time someone suggests you go to CrossFit with them.

2. Then after you see pictures of transformations and of the hot coaches, you reluctantly say yes.

3. When they tell you that you’re training for real life situations…

4. Those that get hyped cheering others on

5. When they say “WOD” but all you heard was “DEATH”

6. When you meet your CrossFit coach…what he says:

What you realize he meant after your workout:

7. When your body gives up on the last set of burpees

8. When the beginning of the WOD looks easy, then you realize your coach made it an ascending ladder AMRAP

9. Halfway through the WOD, you’re like:

10. After your 100th attempt at a muscleup and it just won’t happen

11. Then when that magical day comes and it happens…

12. The first time you give Paleo a try…

13. The moment the loud, angry music playing enters your soul

14. When someone off-handedly mentions CrossFit in conversation

15. The moment you know today’s WOD is eating you alive

16. That time you fell on your face in front of everyone and tried to laugh it off

17. The appropriate reaction after a hard workout

18. That team camaraderie feeling

19. When your box represents in competition

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