12 Surefire Signs That You’re A CrossFit Junkie

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The evolution of fitness has brought CrossFit to the forefront of the industry with a lot of lovers and skeptics. Regardless of the overall opinion of the activity, the actions, attitudes, and clothing choices certainly make CrossFitters identifiable from a distance. Are you one of them?

Here are 12 characteristics that confirm you’re actually a CrossFit junkie:

1. You drink all beverages from a shaker

Water, protein, orange juice, maybe even beer. You’re just always walking around with a shaker.c0b5449ffc2bcbf5ed66628fc4e433a7

2. Handstands and pistols are your new smile

You can’t control that urge to be upside down or squatting on one leg on miscellaneous objects anywhere and everywhere. It’s now your natural reaction when someone pulls out a camera or a phone.giphy

3. You argue with or frown upon people who go to a “regular gym”

Someone mentions CrossFit and they scoff, claiming that movements like that CAN’T be good for you and are just an accident waiting to happen. You resist the urge to choke them out because you could literally snatch their ass if you wanted to.Screen-Shot-2014-05-11-at-6.04.05-PM

4. Your workout clothes consist primarily of Reebok, Lululemon, and Rogue gear

Clothing that caters well to CrossFit addicts is somewhat limited. These garments must be designed for a full range of motion, excessive sweating, and the rough stuff like rope climbing.  Hence, your budget is spent on spectacular shoes and speed shortsIMG_00101

5. You explain your day with acronyms like WOD, OHS, HSPU, and DU

To outsiders, CrossFitters have a language of their own. People look at you like you’re speaking another language. You find yourself abbreviating and writing in acronyms outside of the gym.giphy

6. Rest days give you anxiety

You know you need them, yet refuse to accept it. Whether it’s the fear of missing out on the opportunity to improve or the yearning for that hurts-so-good workout, taking a day off away from your box stresses you out! You, my friend, are what they call an “addict.”Hate-Rest-Days

7. Your Facebook posts revolve around your personal records and paleo pictures

Everyone else is posting engagement photos, pictures of babies, their cats, and you’re over here just posting PR videos of your snatch and accumulating equal amounts of “Likes.” This may annoy your non-crossfitter or bodybuilder friends, but you don’t really care.crossfit-meme

8. A whiteboard dictates your mood

Is the workout in your wheelhouse? Or are you going to be hung out to dry? Every weakness of yours is exposed as the clock ticks up to the time cap. Never did you think that such a tertiary object like a whiteboard could dictate your daily moods, but the whiteboard is your lifeline.x2aw5

9. You have a pet named Fran, Annie, or Rogue

A pet named after one of the “girls” or the best manufacturer of CrossFit equipment and a huge sponsor of the organization. Yep, you’re absolutely an addict.enhanced-26760-1404836251-14

10. Your free time has been replaced by CrossFit-related activities

Handstands in your house, reading books like Becoming a Supple Leopard, listening to Barbell Shrugged podcasts, and watching YouTube videos on lifts and skills usually occupy your free time. imgres

11. Stance socks rule your world

In the house, in the office, in the gym–Stance socks, according to you, are acceptable anywhere and everywhere, and you make sure people know you’re rockin’ them. Plus, they sell them at Nordstrom now.stance-socks

12. You hook grip everything

The handles on a subway, your purse, your workout bag, your groceries, an ice cream cone (don’t squeeze too hard!)—anything that can be held, therefore they are hook gripped.e95147670b9aeefff95bb633b2ab064c

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