Why I’m Over the Bodybuilding vs. Crossfit Debate

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Lately, there have been a ton of comments flying around concerning a few articles about how this person would never do crossfit or how that person looks down on bodybuilding, etc etc etc. This argument about which one is better has been going on and on and its pretty f’ing annoying. Here at Spot Me girl, we hold no ill will towards any lifter (except for the super douche ones) and so that is why I want to address why we’re over this argument and want to move on. Here goes..

Form vs. Technique

The thing that annoys me the most about these articles is everyone’s ability to be a hypocrite to the stunningly obvious things. If someone says that Crossfit technique isn’t great and can lead to injuries, that’s not the time to hoot and holler about how everyone who says that is wrong and stupid and that you’ve never been to a box where poor technique was taught. You know what, that’s great for you. But if you can’t man up to the truth that there are poor coaches out there that do contribute to the bad name, then you’re living under a rock. I’ve been to a few boxes and had very different experiences. One place wouldn’t let me touch a weight even though I think I look like I’ve touched one a time or two. Another place loaded me up on weight after they saw a few reps. While both were fine for me, I would agree that first classes probably shouldn’t include weight. That doesn’t make me hate Crossfit though. Want to know why? Because I’ve been with personal trainers in a normal gym and have had the same experience! I’ve had trainers ask way too much of me early on, and trainers who took baby steps. The only way that either side could be happy when it comes to the form vs technique argument would be to meet in the middle. Yes, Crossfitters are working on more athletic moves, sometimes leaving stagnant and “overly huge” bodybuilders in the dust in terms of movement. But, everyone should be able to agree that a workout that asks for you to do focused Olympic lifts in a state of complete fatigue and with speed isn’t always the best. Obviously, as we’ve seen, it can be done safely…but the safest workout for creating focused technique…not so much. That doesn’t automatically make it horrible though, and if you’re a crossfitter and you’re immediately getting angry at that assessment, guess what, you’re part of what’s wrong in this whole debacle. If you’re a bodybuilder vigorously nodding in agreement that CF sucks at technique, guess what, you’re part of what’s wrong too. There are way too many kids flocking to the gym to “get huge”, only to injure themselves because they don’t know what the F they’re doing. Heck, I see grown men every day at my gym flailing their bodies around in some dumbbell fly, squat, push press malformation. And don’t get me started on some trainers I’ve seen. It’s pretty obvious that the following picture wasn’t taken in a Crossfit gym…

So let’s STFU about who has better technique. When it comes down to it, there are regular gyms and Crossfit boxes that have impeccable training, provide safe instruction and environments, and really grow the passion and progress of their clients. There are also places that ROYALLY suck at the aforementioned and cause injury and harm. Agreed? Agreed.


Another big point of contention seems to be the qualifications trainers can have in order to be called a trainer/coach. Admittedly, you don’t necessarily have to be able to “do” in order to “teach”. In the world of fitness, there are those that have gone to school for this…gone through internship after internship, certification after certification, class after class…that think most other trainers are garbage. If not for their actual training skills, then for the fact that while they’ve plugged away for years and spent thousands of dollars on their education, some random guy decides to take an exam or a random course and BOOM! Certified. There are small little certifications for personal trainers that are easy to get and don’t really make you knowledgeable, but guess what, they can get hired. Same goes for Crossfit, where you can pay a couple grand and take a course for a weekend and BOOM! You’re a coach. Neither of these options are safe. There’s no way I’m letting someone who happened to have a free weekend and extra cash, instruct me on my muscle up. Especially if you can’t do one. Guess who else I’m not letting instruct me on my squat…the scrawny little guy who googled “personal training certifications under $200” a month or two ago. We need to accept that in the face of demand, there will be poor supply options. It goes on both sides. The only real hope is that gyms refuse to hire people who aren’t tried and true or don’t seem to really showcase the appropriate knowledge. This isn’t a CF or BB problem, it’s a fitness industry problem.


The last one is the argument of athleticism. The stereotype that Crossfitters believe they are inherently more athletic than bodybuilders or regular gym goers is ridiculous. Yes, you perform more athletic moves in your workouts, but just because you start going to a box, that doesn’t mean you’re now an athlete. It is completely true that Crossfit has helped many people start to realize their athleticism, there is no denying that. But when someone who just started CF comes to me and questions my abilities purely because I don’t do it, I’m not a happy camper. It might be just a matter of time, since I found my athletic gene about 20 years before you, but let’s not just throw yourself up on that level immediately because you can do a lot of burpees real fast. On the other hand, not all bodybuilders aren’t athletes. I run into plenty of lifters who were previously college athletes who are finding a second career in bodybuilding. To look down on me because I stand in front of a mirror to lift, is just as bad as me scoffing at your “I’m an athlete” grin plastered across your face after your first month’s stint. I’m tearing you down…you’re tearing me down. And for what? So we can feel justified in our own workouts. To feel confident that yes, we are making the right decision with our time and money? The most important thing going on right now in the fitness community shouldn’t be who has a tougher, more productive workout; it’s how we can work together to fight against a legit epidemic happening in America. We Are Obese. Instead of all us fit and in shape people fighting over who is more in shape, why don’t we try to get the fat less fat.

Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding. It’s a stupid argument. We all lift and we should all be lifting heavy. If you’re not doing that, then we might have a problem.

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