Tatiana Girardi Uses CrossFit to Create Her Awesome Body

Fitness motivation anyone?!

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If you haven’t heard about Tatiana Girardi, then your life is about to change. Girardi is something of an Instagram fitness celebrity — utilizing the social media network to reach hundreds of thousands of people—especially women—to inspire and help transform their lives.

Just scroll down her Instagram profile, and you’ll find photos of the Colombian showing off her abs and picturesque smile.


What exactly does Girardi do in order to have that amazing physique that she has? We all know that determination, diet, and training are all most likely on her “how to” list of obtaining a jaw-dropping body. There’s not much we say about her diet, but what we can do, is provide you with her current training regime. It’s a start, right?

So which type of training does she use? Surprisingly, CrossFit. Thanks to CrossFit, many women around the nation have begun their transformation journies — from 16-year old high schoolers to pregnant women. CrossFit, in all honesty, has helped women around the world get into shape, and with good reason — it works.


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You can follow the beautiful Colombian on her Instagram account.

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