Full Body Training

We want head-to-toe muscle burn and we want it now. Perfect your physique with these articles on full body training. Great for fat-burning, quicker workouts and perfect for complementing other sports, full body training is essential for every fitness fanatic. With exercise guides, form tips and complete workouts, you’ll have everything you need to get your whole body working hard and growing muscle right here. Read on, girl.

The Best Deadlift Form – Everything a Girl Needs to Know

Picking weights up and smashing them down again is fundamentally, a super satisfying way to work out. If you’re into…

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Is There Any Benefit to Doing Squats in High Heels?

If you’re wondering whether or not squatting in your stilettos might help you develop an ass that won’t quit, you might…

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Discover Which Type Of Deadlift Is The Best For You

Compound movements are some of the hardest to perform. Most people commit a mistake while performing them. The compound movements…

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These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time

Just like people, not all exercises are created equal. Some exercises make a bigger impact on your physique as compared…

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Femur Length DOES Affect Squat Mechanics

You might be wondering as to why your squat depth varies even though you are doing it with the right…

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Crystal Tate Deadlifts Three Times Her Body Weight

Crystal Tate is now the first woman in the world to deadlift an insane 600 pounds in the 198-pound weight…

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Enjoy Explosive Muscle Growth By Deadlifting Every Day

The deadlift is the king of all workouts. It works more muscles than any other exercise in existence, including the…

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10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners

In most workouts, you only use a swiss ball for one or two exercises, but it can enhance your training especially…

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