10 Benefits of Squats

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

By now, if you don’t understand why squats is an absolute must in your workout routine, you’ll never really grasp it, but for the beginners out there who aren’t sure how squats work, this article is for you. It is also for people who like to look at impressive rear ends. Squats, we salute you.


Squats increase your ability to push increased weight, which is needed for sports, lifting furniture, and the random times you’re a lineman.

Knee/Hip Health

The squat movement forces your hips and knees to track correctly, increasing muscle and flexibility in both areas. More strength around these joints and ligaments means that they stay healthier longer

Burn More Calories

Squatting is a full body move, which means that with each rep, you’re burning more calories than you would be on more isolated moves.


Squatting is a move that develops muscles you’ll use in your day to day life. While delt raises are great, squats will help you be more awesome

Stronger Core

Squats not only work your glutes and thighs, but if you’re doing them right you’ll be working your core too.

Universal Move

Everyone knows how to squat properly, we just F it up as we get older. You can do squats anywhere with anything and feel the effects

Squats Make You Look Badass

Not many people squat to begin with, but not many squat properly so if you know how to then you almost immediately look like you’re a rockstar

They’re Humbling

Furthermore, you can’t lie with squats. You might be able to half rep a ton of other moves and still look semi decent, but you can’t hide a poor squat.


Increased Mobility

Try this: sit in a squat, A2G. Now with your chest up, put your arms straight out to the side. Still up? Then you’ve realized how much squats help your mobility. If you fell forward, then keep stretching before/after your squat sessions

They Make You Look Amazing

Simply put, a woman with a big butt is alright, a woman with a well shaped hamstring/glute chain is downright sexy and impressive. Don’t mistake the two, and appreciate the correct one 🙂

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