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These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time

Just like people, not all exercises are created equal. Some exercises make a bigger impact on your physique as compared to the others. If you’re looking to bring a noticeable change in your physique, compound exercises are the way to go.

Compound movements like bench press and squats include exercises which recruit multiple joints and muscle groups. On the other hand, isolation exercises like cable bicep curls, cable triceps extensions, etc. use a single muscle group.

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 2

Not only do compound exercise help with gaining muscle mass, but they are also incredibly effective in building strength. Getting ripped will take some intense training and muscle exhaustion. Exercises we’re about to tell you are just what you need to achieve the results you’re looking for.

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time

1. Squats

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time

Squats are the mother of all exercises. They use multiple joints and muscle groups. They work your entire body from your legs to your core. You will never find any other exercise which will take your body to the extreme like this exercise.

Squats are also one of the most dreaded exercises. This exercise is one of the biggest reasons people skip leg days. There are many variations of this exercise which will help you target your legs from different angles.

 2. Bench Press

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 3

The bench press is a great exercise when it comes to training your chest. Arnold swore by this exercise and always included a variation of it in his training program. You can do a different variation of this exercise to target a particular part of your pectoral muscles.

Doing bench press on an incline bench will target your upper pecs. You can target your lower chest by using a decline bench while the flat bench will work your middle chest. Doing all these variations will help you build a fuller chest.

3. Deadlift

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 4

Deadlift is the complete muscle builder. This brutal exercise will reveal what you’re actually made of. Deadlift with bench press and squats make up the most fundamental exercises. You need to have these in your training program to build a strong foundation.

You can do different versions of this exercise to target specific muscle groups. A sumo deadlift will help you lift bigger weights as compared to the normal deadlift and will target your abductors as well as your back. Roman deadlifts will work your hamstrings.

4. Military Presses

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 5

Military presses got this name because they can be brutal. This exercise forces you to have a strict form throughout the exercise. You need to maintain a tight core throughout this exercise otherwise you can risk getting injured.

Do the standing version of this exercise, it engages more muscles as compared to the sitting version. Ask someone for a spot if you’re lifting heavy or going for a PR. Using lifting gear like weight straps and weightlifting belts is a good idea.

5. Pullovers

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 6

Pullovers are a great upper-body carving exercise. They will help you get a V-taper. You can do this exercise with a dumbbell or barbell. The different variations of this exercise also help you target your chest or back.

You will have worked your entire upper-body at the end of this exercise. You might want to do this exercise at the end of your workout since it can leave you exhausted and running on fumes. Do this exercise while lying across a bench to work your core as well.

 6. Upright Rows

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 7

This exercise is a great shoulder builder. Upright rows focus on your shoulders and traps. You might want to change your grip on the barbell to target your shoulders from different angles. Holding the barbell with a close grip will work your posterior delts.

At the same time, a wide grip will help you target your medial delts. Variation in this exercise is important if you’re looking for a balanced growth in your shoulders and traps. Make sure you’re not using momentum while performing this exercise.

7. Bent Over Rows

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 8

Your back is the biggest muscle group in your body after your legs. This is also one of the hardest body parts to train. It can be hard to build a mind-muscle connection with your back since you can’t see it directly.

Bent over rows can work your entire back from your trapezius to your lower back. Maintain a strict form throughout the exercise, keep a slight arch in your back. Using heavier weights than you can handle can keep you from maintaining an arch.

8. Dips

These 8 Exercises Will Get You Ripped In No Time 9

Dips are a bodyweight exercise which can work your entire upper body. If this exercise feels easy, feel free to add weights. Adding weights to exercises like these can make you stronger in all the other exercises.

If you’re a beginner you can start with the bench dips. Place your hand on the bench while your feet are on the ground or on another bench. As you gain strength, move onto the parallel bar dips. This exercise will give you striations in your chest and triceps.

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