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10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners

In most workouts, you only use a swiss ball for one or two exercises, but it can enhance your training especially if you’re a beginner. Swiss Ball workouts are consistent for burning body fat and building/sustaining muscle.

Swiss Ball

Of course, a lot of people shy away from buying a Swiss Ball because they do take up space, and most people use it a few times and then leave it to collect dust. Yet this training tool is worth the money, and doing consistent exercises will give you the physical results you’re looking for.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 1

These 10 exercises focus on strength training and flexibility, and you can implement them separately into your workouts or do them sequentially and repeat them twice, which gives you a short workout that makes you sweat like cardio and build muscle at the same time.

1. Leg Raises

Place the ball under your legs and face the floor in a planking position with your hands flat on the floor and your arms straight. Roll forward slightly and bring your legs up one at a time, alternating each leg and lifting them all the way up and straight down to the ball. This workout targets your glutes and you’ll feel the burn once you get started.

Try to get two sets of 15.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 2

2. Hand Offs

Lay flat on the floor and hold the ball in your hands above your head. Raise the ball and your legs up so that they meet above you, pass the ball to your feet, and continue to pass the ball back and forth between your hands and feet.

Remember to keep your feet in the air, not allowing them to touch the floor. You should feel this exercise targeting your upper and lower abs alternatively as well as your legs.

Do this for 45 seconds, rest for 60 seconds, and repeat three times.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 3

3. Leg Curls

In the same position, place your feet on top of the ball. Lift your butt up until your body is straight then bend your knees and bring the ball towards your butt by exerting your weight onto the ball, feeling it roll slightly.

You will feel a tightening in your core and glutes as long as you try to keep your body straight throughout the workout. It might be difficult to keep the ball balanced, but if you engage your core, you’ll have more stability.

Aim for three sets of 12.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 4

4. Planks

You might think planks would be easier because you aren’t parallel to the floor, but it is actually more difficult because the ball is under your forearms and this exercise requires lots of core stability.

Hold this position for 45 seconds.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 5

5. Push Ups

This is a similar exercise, but you will be balancing the ball under your legs with your hands flat on the floor. Do a small push up, and you’ll feel the burn in your chest, shoulders, and core.

Do two sets of as many as possible.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 6

6. Side Squats

Stand straight out, holding the ball above your head with feet shoulder-distance apart. Bend your knees and twist downward to your left, bringing the ball just above your foot. Return to the center position and do the same thing with your right side. Keep your back straight and keep your abs tight throughout.

Do two sets of 15.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 7

7. Overhead Squat

Stand up again, this time with the ball straight above your head, and squat. Make sure to keep the ball straight above your head with your arms extended.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 8

8. Tricep Dips

This exercise requires a bit more arm strength. First, sit on a work bench or a weight bench at the gym, then stretch your legs in front of you with the ball underneath your ankles.

Push yourself off of the bench and forward, so that the ball rolls up your legs slightly and dip your butt, focusing on the lifting and lowering your arms are doing.

Try to get 15 reps.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 9

9. Crunch

Lay back on the ball with your feet on the ground and your knees bent. You should have the middle of your back resting on the ball. Curl forward your torso slowly and keep your hands on your thighs as you raise to a sitting position. Lower yourself back to the starting position.

Do two sets of 15.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 10

10. Back Extensions

Place the ball under your belly with you facing the floor and your toes on the ground. Extend your back up, raising yourself with your arms behind your head and stretching as high as you can. You should feel the tension in your mid to lower back and glutes.

10 Swiss Ball Exercises for Beginners 11

These exercises are very useful for targeting various areas individually, but you can also combine them together to do a quick workout in about 15-20 minutes if you do these exercises twice.

The reps are up to you, but usually, you will repeat one movement 15 times, hold planks, and then another position for 45 seconds. Ideally, you should combine this workout with a cardio session three to four times per week for the best results.

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