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Crystal Tate Deadlifts Three Times Her Body Weight

Crystal Tate is now the first woman in the world to deadlift an insane 600 pounds in the 198-pound weight class. By successfully deadlifting a 600 pounds raw, she became the first woman in the 198-pound class to deadlift such an insane weight.

crystal tate

This feat was performed at the XPC ASF Finals Full Power meet during the past month, March, and despite a few critics said the lockout appears to be dubious, however; the call was already made. Another girl who appeared in the tournament, named Nicole Ordway attempted a successful raw squat of 485 lbs.

crystal tate

Tate made her ground and deadlifted 600 freaking pounds at the Arnold Classic and made it look like a casual day in the gym. That is a weight that most monster-sized men fail to achieve.

She shattered her previous record of 573 pounds set in December.

crystal tate

It’s the dream of every powerlifter to have his name in the powerlifting history, even if it’s in a single sentence. This achievement of Tate will last for decades to come and will be an inspiration for many.

Crystal squatted a jaw-dropping 700 pounds in December, along with her previous record deadlift. During her deadlift, she wore knee wraps and a belt.

Although in her squat, the depth was questioned, but the judges spoke and gave her white lights. You may disagree with the call on her deadlift, but even daring to attempt this record would leave you with a broken back and dislocated arms.

Crystal Tate is considered as one of the strongest female powerlifters of all time and there is no doubt about it, especially after she broke her own record.

She was also featured and nominated at the Female Lifter competition in 2016 along with Kimberly Walford, Janel Vegter, Susan Salazar, Kristy Hawkins, Jeanine Whittaker and Ellen Stein. They all are bad ass powerlifters and have insane records that hardly anyone would dare to attempt.

crystal tate

It’s worth mentioning that her coach, Shaun Kopplin, competes in the World Powerlifting Championships and is a 1000 pound squatter. He is also out of the same Monster Garage Gym who approached Tate for training.

So, just in case you thought that women can’t beat men in powerlifting, Crystal Tate is a living legend and don’t you dare mess with her. Her records are huge, but her temper can be even bigger.

crystal tate

We also discovered Tate’s secret behind her records and found it to be hard work, then more hard work followed by more hard work. She trains like a monster and is full of passion.

It took many years for Tate to reach this elite level and an uncountable number of days during which she trained like no other woman in the world.

Do check out her deadlift and squat video and share it with someone who thinks they are strong!

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