Squat programs: The reason why your jeans don’t fit and you can’t stop eating

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There are two types of people in the gym world; the ones who are running over to the squat rack as we speak or the ones who are pacing back and forth trying to think of any excuse as to why they just can’t bring themselves to do them. You either count down until it’s time to throw the 45’s on that bar and drop that ass low, or simply despise the thought of the movement itself, but there’s no denying that squats do the body and booty GOOD.


Squats have been considered one of the three main power lifts since before Arnold decided to mess around with weights, and they don’t look like they’re going anywhere, any time soon. Although squat programs are the original booty and quad builder for both strength and size, they’ve evolved into the ultimate “like” attractor thanks to social media. Women like Katy Hearn and Jen Selter have become instfamous because of their backsides (and lower body fitness challenges they offer their followers), but mention that they’re fitness professionals to an old school power lifter and you’re guaranteed to get a slap in the mouth or a “Is that one of Jim Wendler’s daughters?”

katy hearn



Whether you’re trying to get an ass on or not, going through a squat cycle is going to accentuate what you have or give you a little something to grab on to. And not only will it help your backside, but when done correctly squats will help strengthen the tendons, bones, ligaments, and muscles throughout the whole lower body. There are tons of squat programs ranging from 4 times a week such as the Smolov program or ones like the Wendler 5 3 1 that you can pair up with other power lifts to increase strength, size, and power, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.



Who doesn’t enjoy a perky butt? Ladies, I’m talking to you here. For some reason, guys used to think it was only cool to lift their upper body, get their biceps swole, and have a chest that would be considered a double D in the chick world. Luckily that trend seems to be declining, and men too, are heading away from the pec deck and over to the squat rack. And why is this awesome? Because a guy who squats is more likely to have a stable midline (rawr), knows how to work his hips correctly, and can drop it low with you on the dance floor.


You will never know the true struggle of trying to put on a pair of jeans until you go through a squat program. Not only does your ass get bigger, but your quads and appetite go through some mighty morphin’ changes as well. Whether you can get them past your butt or not, your pants are going to feel a hell of a lot tighter than they did before you started the program. Your muscles are becoming denser and literally growing, so you may need to plan a trip to the jean store after you’re done with a cycle. And why won’t your stomach shut up? Because your body is using so much energy and so many calories that it needs to refuel and as long as you’re doing that with the right foods, give it what it wants!




They may suck while you’re doing them but there are a  ton of reasons why squat programs are awesome, both inside and outside of the gym. 10lb wall balls will feel like 2lbs, carrying 10 bags of groceries up 4 flights of stairs will become a joke, and have you checked out your backside in a Maxi dress yet? Because you should.



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  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for this article cause I have been going crazy my booty and pants are no longer friends and I say to myself “that’s it no more legs” but I look pretty good ! The struggle for a women to get her mind into having to buy bigger jeans after working out like crazy is mind boggling! But I get it 🙂

  2. i am a male of 63 yrs i train and was 180 lbs now i am 168lbs and i am bigger –my clothes fit tighter and i feel great but clothes are a problem as one part may fit well anther is too tight–so i have to shop around to get tailored clothes–especially in my thighs and my seat as my trousers are getting tight but my waist smaller–so dont worry about the size of your bum or thighs–just enjoy the fact that you look and feel good. regards Andy –from the U.K.

  3. I was extremely unfit and overweight with flabby huge thighs and butt, now after just 2 months of weight lifting at the gym 60 times on each machine 3 times a week my thighs and butt are not flabby and look almost muscler? lol wow I do look hot in under 2 months, I would tell fat flabby people like me to hit the gym and not look at the scale and do videos and pics oh ya:)

  4. I needed this validation. I’ve been doing a squat/power-lifting program with my trainer for the past month and noticed my jeans becoming tighter lately. I initially started freaking out and wondering why this is happening. I’ve been strength training for about 5 years, but nothing as intense as what I’m doing now, so I hadn’t experienced this before; it was usually the opposite. I’m still going to check with my trainer and see if my macros and caloric intake need to be adjusted. This article certainly helped put my mind at ease though.

  5. Really liked this post! I’ve been growing out of my jeans and wondering if I needed to stop my lower body work outs but this was

  6. BUT what if you don’t want to get bigger ,but want to strength train to firm up?? I’m sorry, but this article does nothing to calm my concern of getting bigger thighs!

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