18 Reasons Why Squats Are Way Better Than A Boyfriend

Squats > A Boyfriend

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Sure, boyfriends are nice. They are great at fixing things around the house, and they make assembling furniture and opening jars look like a walk in the park. And like a knight in shining armor, they’ll unhesitatingly squash hairy eight-legged critters as we squeal from a distance. Still, they are A LOT of work. And there’s no guarantee it’ll go anywhere, or you’ll get anything in return. With squats, if you put in the work, you’ll surely reap the benefits. Fill that empty void with squats, not a boy.

Here Are 18 Reasons Why Squats Are Way Better Than A Boyfriend:

1. Squats won’t leave beard stubble all over your bathroom sink.


2. Squats won’t blow you off last minute to drink beer and watch SportsCenter.


3. Squats will never rush you while you’re getting ready.


4. Squats won’t completely destroy the kitchen 10 minutes after you cleaned it.


5. You don’t have to worry about squats getting jealous of you doing other types of squats (pistol, front, bodyweight, sumo, etc.).


6. Squats won’t tell you you’re “overreacting.”


7. When you’re not in the mood, squats don’t get annoyed or guilt-trip you.


8. Squats won’t scatter their dirty clothes all over the bedroom floor.


9. You don’t need to put on makeup and do your hair to impress squats.


10. Squats won’t ask you stupid questions like, “Are you on your period or something?”


11. You don’t have to argue with squats over what to watch on Netflix.


12. Squats won’t cheat on you.


13. Squats will never leave the toilet seat up.


14. Your family and friends will always approve of squats.


15. When you go down, squats will always reciprocate.


16. Squats will always make you stronger.


17. You don’t mind when squats start to get a little heavier. In fact, you prefer it.

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18. No matter what, squats will ALWAYS be there for you.


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