7 Annoying Things Chicks Hear When They Look More Fit

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There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror and seeing the hard work and dedication displayed on your body. It’s definitely a confidence booster, but when other people get involved, it can sour the whole pot. If you’ve been working hard as a fit chick, these are things you are sick of hearing.

1. “I Thought You Looked Better Before”

There are people who are willing to express their opinion at the cost of your self-esteem. If the person is someone that truly cares for you, they’d be happy for you, no matter what. In fact, this person should be pushing you to reach your fitness goal(s).giphy-212. “You Don’t Look Very Feminine”

We’re sick and tired of this stigma. Muscles are not the exclusive property of men. We weren’t given testosterone for nothin’! The damsel in distress days are over; it’s time to claim our rights to the weights.giphy-233. [Insert Obnoxious Cat-Calls Here]

We squat. So, yeah, our butts look good. But that doesn’t mean we need a passerby to acknowledge it in an offensive way. It takes dedication to build the booty, and it is rude for someone to sexualize it immediately and disregard the significance of our devotion to healthy living.giphy-174. “You Look so Different, It’s Fantastic!”

This could be taken as a backhanded compliment. You can’t help but think if you didn’t look good before. Making the switch to healthy living isn’t just about looks. It’s about health. DUH! You could already be perfectly happy with the way you look but want to start working out to feel stronger and more energized. There’s much more beneath the surface. Fitness should not just be taken at face value.giphy
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5. “You Look Good Toned but Don’t Get Too Muscular”

This one is really bittersweet. Fit chicks will get this from their significant others because their boyfriend or girlfriend wants them to keep that sleek, sexy look. And don’t get me wrong, Victoria’s Secret Models look AH-FREAKING-MAZING. However, when you hit the weights hard, that is usually not the result. It all comes down to what you want. Never allow another person to tailor your body to his or her tastes. It’s YOUR body, after all.giphy-196.  “You’re Still Working Out?”

People will undermine your self-discipline, especially when it comes to healthy living. Some just don’t like to see others succeed or think it’s impossible to make a permanent lifestyle change. There’s a belief that diets are always temporary; you’re bound to give it all up for a double cheeseburger. When it comes to getting fit, there’s more to it than just dieting. Many think you’re depriving yourself. Nope, it’s a long-term choice to alter how you eat and how you stay active.giphy-207. “How Did You Do It? Can You Help Me?”

When friends see your success, they want to know how to achieve it for themselves. They think you know all this undisclosed information about fat loss or muscle building. As if you discovered some magical mystery of looking amazing. Nope, it’s back and white as it gets. You eat clean and exercise regularly. giphy-24

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