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4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger


People train for a huge variety of reasons. Some folks work out because they want to be healthy and develop a good-looking physique, while some people train just to get stronger. However, there are times when it feels no matter what you do, the desired results won’t come. On the other hand, there are a few things you can change to make yourself look stronger.

Another good thing about these changes is they not only make a person look stronger but can truly make him/her stronger. So, there is no reason not to enjoy these benefits.

1. Increase Vascularity

4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger 2

One of the primary reasons why professional bodybuilders look so badass is because they are incredibly vascular. To increase your vascularity, you need to decrease your body fat percentage to a low enough level that minimal fat impedes your veins protruding through the surface of your skin.

If you want to look even more vascular, you should further decrease your body fat percentage. However, it isn’t recommended to keep your body fat percentage too low for a long period of time. This is because it can make you feel cold, lower the immune system’s efficiency, make you feel tired without any serious reasons and make it difficult to work out.

4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger 3

Males should avoid decreasing their body fat percentage by less than seven percent for prolonged periods of time. While females should keep their body fat percentage not lower than 15% if possible.

You can lose body fat by burning more calories while working out on a lower-calorie diet and periodically decreasing your caloric intake. Also, such things as being in a warm area, eating spicy food and drinking plenty of water can help you increase your vascularity for at least a short period of time.

2. Build a Massive Chest

4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger 4

Every famous bodybuilder has a massive chest. Whether we speak about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates or Lee Haney. They were the ones who proved having a massive chest is a must for professional bodybuilders.

To make sure your chest grows as big as it possibly can, make sure to perform a lot of different chest exercises. This will help you to develop every part of your chest by making it grow bigger and stronger.

Other than that, there are no special secrets to developing a massive chest. Just make sure to perform every exercise properly, always do your best while working out and provide your body with plenty of nutrients from healthy foods.


3. Develop Your Traps and Neck

4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger 5

While having a big chest is important, developing your traps and muscular neck is also recommended. This is because strengthening these areas will make you look badass even if your body is under the clothes.

A good example of monster traps and neck was Ronnie Coleman. To build such gigantic muscles, he trained these areas with greater frequency than other areas, but by working hard, you can also make your traps and neck look much stronger.

To develop these areas, use the same formula as building a massive chest. Make sure to perform a huge variety of exercises like barbell shrugs, face pulls and upright rows. Also, remember to work out your neck by working hard at lateral flexion.

4. Build Your Wings

4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger 6

One of the primary areas many people take less seriously is the back. While there isn’t any serious reason why people don’t tend to train their back as rigorously, it might be because it’s hard to see something that’s not in front of you.

However, this shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid training your back. While you might not see it in front of a mirror, having strong back muscles is important because they work together with the other parts of the body while performing compound exercises. So, if your back is too weak, it might be the reason why you can’t use heavy weights while performing compound movements.

4 Things to Do to Look Much Stronger 7

If you feel your back is too weak, you can make it stronger by giving more time to it while working out. Make sure to incorporate various back exercises and do them with strict form, as an injury in this area also threatens to put you out of action in other aspects of your training. As aforementioned, the back is linked to pretty much everything else in the body, so serious care is needed.

If you can’t use heavy weights or do lots of reps, that’s fine. Most importantly, do your best safely, and your back will get stronger.

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