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Lift Light Weight If You REALLY Want To Build Muscle

A sort of an unwritten rule of muscle building is that the only way you can get huge is if you lift big… no other way around it. But that’s not entirely true, you CAN get big with using nothing but light weight.

Sure, lifting heavy ass weights is good and all, but it isn’t necessary to get big. There are many more benefits to working with lighter weights.

Lift Light Weight If You REALLY Want To Build Muscle 2

How To Get Big With Lighter Weight

Let’s just get one thing straight, the term “light weight” is a fairly flexible term. What’s heavy for you can be light for someone else and vice versa. The point is that you don’t need to use an empty bar for triple digit reps. Find something that’s light for you and train with that.

Check below to find out how to train with light weights and make gains.

1. Giant Sets

Giant sets are when you do two or more exercises one after the other working the same muscle group. For instance; if you are doing overhead presses, as soon as you are done with your set you will start doing seated Arnold presses. Then when you are done with that, you will start doing lateral dumbbell raises.

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All with minimal rest time between each exercise and with a moderately high rep number. This will put your muscles under extreme stress making them grow even bigger.

Something like this would be nearly impossible to do with heavy weights. You would be risking injury and your form would be horrible.

2. The 21’s Method

This an awesome exercise for your biceps, as it’s three exercises in one. It’s split into three seven rep parts, each with a partial range of motion. First seven reps you will go from arms in an outstretched position to a 90 degree angle.

After your first seven reps are done, you immediately continue the motion to a full curl from which you will be doing a range of motion from a curled up position to the 90 degree angle again-for seven reps.

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And when you’re done with that, you do seven final miserable and painful reps. When you are done with that you will have throbbing, aching biceps that will grow like crazy.

3. Drop Sets

Start heavy, go ’till failure then lighten the load and go balls-out until you are performing with the lightest load possible. It’s the oldest trick in the book for getting that muscle stress that will make you regret working out the next day. However, it will also add inches to whichever muscle group you are working on.

Check out some benefits of lifting light on the next page…

Ok, so we’ve covered some training methods which you can use with lighter weights. Now let’s see some benefits of working out like that.

Lift Light Weight If You REALLY Want To Build Muscle 3

1. Full Range Of Motion

Let’s face it, when you go all out and start pulling 80% to 90% of your one rep max your range of will begin to fall apart. That’s why working out with a lighter weight will give you a better range of motion and work your muscles better.

2. Reduces Injury

Training with a lighter weight will reduce the chances of dropping the bar on your neck or tearing a muscle while channeling your inner Ronnie Coleman. Speaking of Ronnie, it should be noted that after all of his years of lifting heavy ass weights, it nearly made him a cripple. Lifting heavy is the international male sign of being an alpha, sure. But being able to walk beats the hell of being alpha.

Lift Light Weight If You REALLY Want To Build Muscle 4

3. Increases Form Quality

Lifting lighter weights you will be able to perfect your form. Bigger weights almost always means your form will be very iffy. And having a picture perfect form can lead to serious gains later on when you start lifting heavy again.

4. Grows Muscles

Training with lower weights means training with a lot more reps. Which itself increases the amount of stress your muscles is under. And guess what- that’s how new muscle tissue is made! High rep medium light weight is also how Jay Cutler became Mr. Olympia four times over. He measured the effectiveness of his workout not by how much weight he could lift for one rep max, but by how sore he was the day after the training.

Lift Light Weight If You REALLY Want To Build Muscle 5

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