33 Incredible Arm Training Tips From Phil Heath

Phil Heath, the legendary Mr. O, is known for his incredible shredded arms and is the envy of many bros out there. Everyone wants to know the secret. So, how about staying with me and read these 33 incredible arm training tips right from the big man with big arms.

Arm Training Tips from Phil Heath

1. Reliable Growth

Always take a stab when you blend up things. Try to add a diversified development technique while keeping in mind the goal to achieve a reliable growth.


2. Framing Your Arm

To develop an ideal arm frame, the best way is to utilize arm blaster while doing the twists. It will bolt your elbows.

3. Avoid Swinging

Also, when doing the twists, the most important factor is shape. Avoid the swinging of weights. Focus most on back and shoulders instead of biceps.

4. Focus

Take a thrust when you narrow the grip doing the EZ-bar twists. Focus on external bicep head better.


5. Prevent The Stress

To prevent fatigue, prefer doing EZ-bar twist at the finish of the training.

6. Break The Rules

Keep the rules aside of your conventional training goal of 12 sets for your biceps and triceps.

7. Concentrate On Biceps

Use the evangelist twist machine for one arm at a moment. This way you will better concentrate on your biceps.


8. Pound Twists

When you hold the weights while rehearsing, it is perfectly adequate to grow your lower arms. Go for the pound twists as well for the upper lower arms.

9. Two-Fold Biceps Shot

For back twofold biceps shot, brachialis muscles are crucial. Work on them with sledge twists.

10. Avoid Being A Hero

Don’t be a hero and never work on weights that hinder you from doing 10 reps. The fatigue and stress can injure your muscles.


11. Ideal Rep Range

The optimal growth rep range for biceps is 10 reps for a particular exercise.

12. Maintain The Symmetry

Try to make your arms appear symmetrical as possible. A lot of bodybuilders have failed to do so. Symmetry is very important for a great look.

13. Maintain The Balance

Maintain the body balance and keep maximum focus on twist dodging development of your working arm’s elbow. Try a dumbbell rack.


14. Diet + Cardio

Partitions and striations give your arms a sharp look. This is done by dieting and cardio. Having a lean arm is better than a fat one.

15. Negative Reps

When you do the twists, it is very important to do the negative reps with controlled development. When you lower the weight gradually, it engages more muscle strands.

16. Substitution For Reps

Never substitute reps for dumbbell twists. Instead, substitute on every five reps. You’ll give more rest time to each arm and that allows extra reps.


17. Solid Foundation

Standing dumbbell twists are the foundation of biceps exercises. Twist your arms independently while doing your reps.

18. Train Biceps First

Triceps develop more effortlessly as compared to biceps. Give priority to training your biceps first.

19. Low Weights + Pace = Gains

Always go for a shot alone. Start with low weights and keep your own pace. Don’t rely on others.


20. Periodization

The most critical aspect of training is periodization. Take a thrust isolating your convention into periods, especially when you are preparing for heavier weights and periods for higher reps.

21. Arms Must Be Properly Bolted

While you prepare your arms, take a look at yourself in the mirror to know whether your arms are properly bolted or not.

22. Close Your Eyes For More Contraction And Extension

You can also close your eyes while training and feel the extension and contraction of your muscles doing the reps.


23. Follow At Least Four Exercises For Bis And Tris

There are several different exercises for bis and tris. Aim for at least four of them to hit your muscle for optimal growth.

24. Pairing Your Arms Workout With Back Or Shoulders

While training your arms, always keep them adjusted with whatever is on the left of your body parts. You can train biceps with back or shoulders.

25. Locate The Most Agreeable Position

You should locate the most agreeable position of your body but never utilize it as a reason just to undermine your workout.


26. Maintaining The Pace

Always keep the pace of your workout high and do not broaden the rest period between your sets.

27. Alter Your Workout Routine

Your body will fall into a routine briskly. Keep a sharp look at it and alter your training strategy over time.

28. Don’t Be Careless

Avoid doing pushups carelessly. This includes pulling the arms by the weights. Keep the focus on your elbows.


29. Use Proper Technique For Rope Pushdowns

Perform the pushdowns using a rope for isolating the closures and grooming the constrictions.

30. Rest-Pause-Rest Dramatically

Always pause dramatically at a particular point during your workout. This makes your arm workout more reliable and helps to flex your arms better.

31. Perform Plunges On Machine

Do plunges either on a machine or use a bar. Do them urgently to keep maximum concentration on triceps and trunk.


32. Tricep Dips

Do the triceps dips on your arms day for a substantial growth.

33. Pre-Exhaust The Triceps

Attempt pre-exhaust your triceps and aim for confinement exercises first and combine them with your compound exercises.

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