5 Reasons Why All Women Should Be Powerlifters

Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Repeat

1. Most importantly, resistance training has shown to positively impact long-term health and quality of life.

Boss Workouts Shape and Burn

This is especially important for women because their higher risk of osteoporosis, which can become symptomatic as early as 40 years of age.


Additionally lifting weights improves muscle strength that results in increased ability for a lifetime. These are all commonly accepted as fact. The impact on a woman’s life means staying out of a wheelchair as a grandmother so grandchildren can admire your quad sweep as you set a new Masters World Record squatting.


2. Powerlifting is a fun, competitive, and either team or individual sport.

This sport can serve as an excellent vehicle for achieving the all-important goals of the above point. While lifting maximal weights is serious in nature, this doesn’t get in the way of it being a good time and a good way to set and achieve goals. Whether that be a big deadlift, to step foot on the competitive platform for the first time, or start an internationally-dominating team of women lifters the world has yet to see the likes of.

3. Because it is such an effective way of making and realizing goals.

Plus, powerlifting has the added benefit of being a huge confidence booster.



There’s something about that rush of excitement as a new personal best is set in a particular lift, and you realize that weights are just weights as other things are just things. And as easily as weights can be conquered with discipline, hard work, and consistency, so can nearly every else in life. The carry over to this is endless.

From picking up and mastering new hobbies to now dominating in the workplace, just like you do on the platform. Confidence is bred from success, and your confidence can be founded upon those three character qualities. All which are regarded as positive attributes in every culture on the planet.



4. The sport needs a greater amount of female athletes.

Whether or not they are novice or elite, strong women are seen as leaders outside of the sport. Women athletes make excellent role models for young girls. Women lifters especially because it is a less popular role within athletics and society in general. The sport also needs female leadership to help advance it further, and this will be especially needed in the future as more young women step on the platform each year.


Unfortunately, in major powerlifting meets, most women compete on Friday or Saturday. Sunday is commonly reserved for the strongest men. Guess which gets the greatest publicity and audience? Of course, it’s Sunday.

But that practice is gradually changing as more people realize that due to the Wilks coefficient scoring system, women can be as competitive as men and even outscore them on the same lifts. Best lifters should compete on the same day. First attempts in the squat, bench press, and deadlift must be submitted with a meet entry form. This way, the meet directors can make fairly accurate estimations as to who the strongest of the contest entrants are, putting them all on the platform at primetime, man or woman.


By simply participating in a strength sport, you can positively impact the thoughts and opinions of future generations in and out of powerlifting for both women and men.

5. Women lifters are kickass. Enough said.


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This Article was written by Cody Lefever. Cody is currently an active duty Marine of 9 ½ years and in his free time he reads and researches topics related to strength and conditioning, trains as a competitive powerlifter, and coaches athletes ranging from disciplines in CrossFit, powerlifting, swimming, and many others. Check out Cody’s blog

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